US coalition blocks roadway of ISIL convoy

Coalition says allowing ISIL to flee from one battlefield to another 'is not a lasting solution'

US coalition blocks roadway of ISIL convoy

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The U.S.-led coalition said Wednesday it struck a roadway being used by a ISIL convoy fleeing to territory it controls.

ISIL fighters had been allowed safe passage under a controversial agreement with the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian regime following their military defeat along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

The coalition said in a statement it was not party to the agreement, further contending that Damascus and its allies' "counter-ISIS words ring hollow when they cut deals with and allow terrorists to transit territory under their control."

"ISIS is a global threat; relocating terrorists from one place to another for someone else to deal with is not a lasting solution. This is just further evidence of why coalition military action is necessary to defeat ISIS in Syria," the coalition added.

The coalition said it did not strike the ISIL convoy but severely damaged the road it was using while also confirming that it hit "individual vehicles and fighters" that had been identified as ISIL.

"In accordance with the law of armed conflict, the coalition will take action against ISIS whenever and wherever we are able to without harming civilians," it said.

Buses carrying ISIL fighters and their families departed western Syria on Tuesday bound for territory the group controls near the Iraqi border.

"Irreconcilable #ISIS terrorists should be killed on the battlefield, not bused across #Syria to the Iraqi border without #Iraq's consent," President Donald Trump's anti-ISIL coalition envoy Brett McGurk tweeted Wednesday.

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