US embassy in Yemen shuts doors amid turmoil

The embassy has closed its doors till further notice after deadly clashes

US embassy in Yemen shuts doors amid turmoil
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The U.S. embassy in Yemeni capital Sanaa on Monday closed its doors until further notice and urged U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the crisis-hit country.

The embassy said it was unable to offer regular consular services due to continued security concerns.

In a statement, it added that its ability to help in emergencies involving U.S. nationals would be limited.

The embassy went on to note that consular services would resume once embassy staff could ensure their ability to offer such services.

It cited a warning from the U.S. Department of State cautioning U.S. nationals against insecurity in Yemen due to terrorist activity and political turmoil.

Yemen has remained in a state of turmoil since a popular uprising in 2011 ended the rule of longstanding President Ali Abdullah Saleh one year later.

In recent months, the Shiite Houthi militant group has taken control of capital Sanaa and moved on to extend its control to other provinces.

The growing power of the Houthis has pitted the Shiite group against Sunni tribes and Al-Qaeda, which is also said to be powerful in Yemen.

Last week, deadly clashes erupted between presidential guard units and Houthi militants outside the presidential palace in Sanaa, further aggravating the situation in the already-tense capital.

President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi submitted his resignation to parliament a short time later, following in the footsteps of his resigned prime minister, Khaled Bahah.

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