US, Russia, Turkey and S.Arabia to continue talks on Syria

Top diplomats have not been able to bridge differences on the future of Assad but have agreed to continue talks

US, Russia, Turkey and S.Arabia to continue talks on Syria

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The U.S., Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have agreed on Friday to continue their talks for a political solution in Syria, despite differences remaining concerning on the role of al-Assad in Syria’s future.

“There are still some gaps with regards to the departure of Bashar al-Assad and the timing of such a departure,” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said in Vienna on Friday, after four-party talks.

But he underlined that talks will continue possibly with the involvement of other regional actors.

“We agreed to continue to have further discussions and consultations, perhaps with a broader range of countries in order to see if we can arrive at a consensus for moving forward with regards to Syria,” he said.

He did not name the countries, which could be involved in the dialogue.

Top diplomats of the U.S., Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia met for the first time at a four-party meeting on Syria on Friday, following a stronger political engagement of Russia on the Syrian crisis, and its military support for the regime in Damascus.   

Syrian President al-Assad made a surprise visit to Moscow on Tuesday. 

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov dismissed on Friday speculations that he has agreed with foreign ministers of U.S., Turkey, and Saudi Arabia on the departure of al-Assad.

He renewed his proposal of involving other regional powers like Egypt and Iran to the dialogue started with U.S., Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

So far Saudi Arabia has opposed sitting at the same table with Iran, its key rival in the region, which it blames for supporting the Assad regime. 

Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey call for a transition process in Syria with the removal of Assad from power.

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