US urges its citizens to leave Egypt

US government has cancelled military deals and a jointly held military exercise and urged US citizens to leave Egypt

US urges its citizens to leave Egypt
World Bulletin / News Desk
US citizens urged to leave Egypt as Obama government cancels a joint military exercise. 

Tensions in US – Egypt relations are running high following the massacre of hundreds of people by security forces in Egypt when they brutally dispersed a crowded sit-in in Egyptian capital’s busiest squares Wednesday.

US government asked its citizens to leave the North African country due to security concerns as the situation deteriorated Wednesday and clashes between protesters who were on squares in a bid to give support to ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.   

US administration yesterday criticized Egypt’s interim government which was formed following last month’s military coup after the killings of hundreds of civilians in Cairo streets by live-round firing security forces and froze an F-16 fighter jet purchase deal.

Meanwhile, Egypt Study Group in the US has urged US government to freze all military aids to Egypt until some certain conditions are fulfilled in this country. The group formed by some former US administrators and leading foreign policies experts and academicians stated that the US policies on Egypt should be immediately reviewed and altered.

Criticizing Obama government for not doing enough about Egypt situation, the group also urged the US government to freze all military aids to Egypt and added that not doing so is a strategıc mistake that weakens US credibility. 

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