War over Syria's borders intensifies

Syrian conflict is also a battle for the borders

War over Syria's borders intensifies

World Bulletin/News Desk

As much as the Syrian conflict is a battle for territory within the country, it is also a battle for the borders, access to which can offer invaluable military, strategic, and financial advantages.

The past month alone has seen bids made for several of Syria's twenty-one official border crossings. On October 17, a Free Syrian Army (FSA)-affiliated rebel coalition led by the Army of Yarmouk brigade launched an offensive aimed at taking over the regime-held Naseeb crossing in the south, currently the only open passageway between Syria and Jordan.

The ongoing assault by ISIL on the Kurdish Syrian border town of Kobani is, in part, aimed at conquering the adjacent crossing with Turkey.

And while Bab al-Hawa further west, in Idlib province, remains for now in the hands of rebels, rapid gains in the surrounding area over the weekend by the Nusra Front make the fall of the crossing to fighters in the coming weeks a strong possibility, according to the NOW report.

Elsewhere, the weekend's fighting has underscored the role the northwestern border zone has played in inter-rebel conflict.


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Muhammed Öylek