WikiLeaks: Bahrain king complained opposition's 'Hizbollah training'

Bahrain opposition groups received training from Iran-backed Hizbollah in Lebanon, according to the country's ruler, according to leaked US embassy cable, The Daily Telegraph reports.

WikiLeaks: Bahrain king complained opposition's 'Hizbollah training'

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King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa warned senior US military figures that opposition groups in Bahrain were receiving training from Hizbollah in Lebanon and told senior American military figures that Syria was "complicit" in the training by providing the Bahrainis with false passports, according to leaked embassy cable sent by US diplomats in Bahrain to Washington, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The British newspaper's report based on US cable published on WikiLeaks points out a cable sent on 13 August 2008, saying "King Hamad related the report that Bahrainis were receiving training from Hizbollah in Lebanon, but admitted he had no definitive proof.

"He also speculated that the Syrian government was complicit, and 'must be' helping these Bahrainis travel without passport verification as tourists.Post has heard versions of this theory from Bahraini officials in the past, but despite our requests the GOB [Government of Bahrain] has been unable to provide convincing evidence."

Later in the meeting, King Hamad told Gen Petraeus that Bahrain, a key US ally, had been urged by Iran to support its efforts, and those of "Iraqi insurgents, Hamas, Hizballah, Taliban and Syria to drive American forces from the Gulf", according to the cable.

King Hamad asked Gen Petraeus: "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" Daily Telegraph reports.


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