Year's first snowflakes fall on Jerusalem /PHOTO

After snowfall, streets get partly white Around Al-Aqsa Mosque shaping beautiful sceneries.

Year's first snowflakes fall on Jerusalem /PHOTO

World Bulletin/News Desk

Starting afternoon yesterday snowfall increased its effect more and more causing some roads to be closed to traffic. Jerusalem Municipality warned local people not to get out if not necessary.

As snowblowers are placed around Jerusalem by the municiplaity, Israel President Netenyahu inspected the works and ordered the army about giving support in case of need.

Meanwhile, capital Tel Aviv faces a strong storm affecting daily life in a negative way. The storm causes some billboards fall over and people have difficulty to walk. Because of the bad whether people rush into the malls.

Meteorology reports that for three days the weather temprature will be under seasonal normals and warns local people to be prepared for possible flood after severe snowfall and storm.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Ocak 2015, 13:49

Muhammed Öylek