Yemen calls for delay of Arab League meeting

In a memo to the Arab league, Yemen's representative has asked for time for UN envoy Jamal Benomar to "reach concensus" on current crisis.

Yemen calls for delay of Arab League meeting
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Yemen's representative at the Arab League on Monday called for postponing an emergency Arab foreign ministers' meeting on Yemen scheduled to take place in Cairo on Wednesday.

In a memo to the league, Yemen's representative urged the pan-Arab body to consider postponing its planned meeting on Yemen to allow efforts of UN envoy Jamal Benomar "to reach consensus on how to resolve the current crisis" in the fractious southern Arabian country.

Last September, Yemen's Shiite Houthi movement emerged as a formidable political and military force after taking control of capital Sanaa before moving on to consolidate its control over other parts of the country.

Earlier this month, the Houthi leadership issued a "constitutional declaration" dissolving parliament and establishing a 551-member "transitional council."

According to the declaration, pro-Houthi "revolutionary committees" will form a transitional council to replace the dissolved assembly.

On Sunday, the UN Security Council urged the Houthis to "immediately withdraw their forces" from all areas currently under the group's control, including Sanaa.

Yemen has remained in the throes of political turmoil since autocratic President Ali Abdullah Saleh stepped down in 2012 following a months-long popular uprising against his 33 years in power.

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