Yemen's Hadi fled to Oman: Pro-Houthi TV

According to pro-Houthi channel, Hadi fled to Oman..

Yemen's Hadi fled to Oman: Pro-Houthi TV

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Yemen's embattled President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi has fled to Oman, a pro-Houthi television channel reported Thursday.

"Hadi has fled to Oman," al-Massira television said, giving no further details.

Oman is not participating in the anti-Houthi offensive.

Hadi left his presidential palace in Aden Wednesday after Houthis advanced on the southern port city.

A Yemeni presidential source earlier told that Hadi was still in Yemen.

The Houthi group has announced a $93,000 bounty for what it described as "fugitive" Hadi.

The Houthi power takeover in Yemen has prompted Saudi Arabia and several Arab countries to launch a military operation, including airstrikes, on Houthi-held sites across Yemen late Wednesday.

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