A peek to the World and Turkey from the eye of World Bulletin

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A peek to the World and Turkey from the eye of World Bulletin

Erhan Erken - Istanbul

The developments after Trump getting in power is building concerns

As of 20th January, when the new president of the United States Trump began his duty, he started to make decisions and implement them as he promised before the elections. As these decisions being implemented, countries, individuals and groups affected by the consequences are organising protests and using different means to make their voices be heard and get Trump to step back from his decisions.

Trump’s discrimination and prohibitive decisions towards the Muslim countries and individuals are nothing but a different application of the US general policy towards Muslims after the 11th of September 2011. But it seems that Trump because of his own style chooses to put the decisions into practice on a different tone.

Trump, turning the attention of the United States more towards the inner self, going to reduce its economic obligations beyond its borders, starting to make decisions that will ensure the flow of financial resources into the country, are developments that will trigger many developments in the world both economically and politically.

Taking a step back from the new global structure established with the Pacific and Atlantic countries, which started in the previous period or was pre-determined to start, the strengthening of the dollar and as an outcome of this the finance towards the developing economies giving the signal to withdraw from this market are some of the decisions that are prominent which are affective as I mentioned above.

Although as we look at the processes until now, it can be argued that it is not possible for the president of a country such as USA alone can change all the stabilities, we will altogether see if these decisions will be implemented as it was considered at the beginning or that they will be implemented by showing certain changes with different effects over time.

 Where we are in Turkey’s over border relationships

Developments outside our South-East borders lately show that they are following a routine course. Even though we do not know what the inside details of the cases are, the Euphrates Shield Operation is continuing as it is getting very close to Al-Bab. One of the most important updates on this issue is the announcement of the Turkey’s President Erdogan, is that Turkey’s intention is not to go beyond Al-Bab. Then again we think that it isn’t possible for Turkey, after an intense military mobilisation, to leave this area before clearing the elements of ISIL from Al-Bab and to get the corridor leading to Aleppo secured.

The Mosul operation is also one of the other distressed areas in the East. We are following carefully, the Iraqi forces that have partially cleared East Mosul and the other forces supporting them to clean up other parts of Mosul from ISIL. Of Course, while ISIL is being cleared from these regions, we see the force substituted are also disrupting the natural population balance in the region in terms of security maintains Turkey’s utmost attention in order for them not to take threatening position from the South.

Hopefully PKK/PYD, ISIL and derivative organisations that are disturbing Turkey can be cleaned from these areas, as well as the Astana processes and the Geneva negotiations afterwards, will become permanent in the region. In order to create a lasting peace in these regions and an environment in which people can live in peace, I think that too many variables must be able to form in good manners.

 Continuing on the active Foreign Politics

Over the past week, Turkey has hosted lady leaders of two European countries. First, the British Prime Minister followed with the German Chancellor, the Prime Minister and the President. Meetings were held as delegations between the two countries.

Britain, having decided to partly separate its connection with the European Union, with Brexit and being put on agenda as one of the most important actors in the back of Turkey’s internal and external disturbances, after the visit of Prime Minister Theresa May, the announcement of a strategic framework agreement in the field of the National Combat Aircraft Project, was the most important outcome reflected from the visit.

At a time when Britain has signalled a secession and Trump abandoning the Atlantic co-operation agreement, Germany’s chancellor, who is trying to keep the European Union alive, for the first time after the 15th of July came to our country. Merkel, in her declarations about the trip stated that as two countries that have had some quarrels with Turkey in many field, they would like to negotiate the relations and give them a new form. The refugee issue, the fact that German companies began to reduce their investments in Turkey in some areas, the issues related to the support of separatist terrorist groups that disturbed Turkey by these countries were the reflected topic headlines that have been discussed.

Turkey’s foreign policy movement continued in other areas during the past days. The visit of President Erdogan to certain countries in Africa, as well as being related to the activities of the Gulenist Terror Organisation over there, was also important for being the continuation of Turkey’s African opening in the last period. Again, the foreign Minister’s trip to Latin America was an important step in terms of our foreign relations.

I think that in the last 14 years Turkey moving into an active position in foreign politics is one of the most important policy changes in terms of the past period. When this period is carefully examined, Turkey develops very different relationships in different regions of the world, plays an active role in organisations that may have lasting impacts on the international scene and is getting rid of being a self-conscious country. These relations have been used by our country as important arguments in times of tendency to get stuck in foreign politics. Institutes such as Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Yunus Emre Institute, Foreign Turks Presidency and Foreign Economic Relations Board are doing work that is complementary to these policies.

In addition, as being people of a country whose history does not have a colonial mentality, as the President stated recently, when we can go to many countries today we can stay upright and we are welcome there.

 The new constitutional design and presidency system

The draft of the new Constitution was accepted in the Assembly. After the signing of it by the President, a new referendum process for Turkey began. Unfortunately, the efforts to make a new constitution by changing the Constitution of 12th September which has a long place in the agenda of Turkey for a long time, could not find a desired ground. Although no amendment could be made to the entire constitution, after the decision of the President to be elected by the people, a strategy was conducted with the support of the nationalist party related to the structure which gave birth to some troubles in the administrative system of Turkey and led to double headedness. We are predicting that this proposal will probably be presented in referendum in April.

With the referendum being seen on the horizon a yes-no debate began in our country. At first being revealed as presidency, then after called the New Presidency system, a text of 18 points are being discussed on various grounds, favourable and unfavourable opinions are being revealed.

Each constitution in the Turkish political life is based on the principle of eliminating the problems encountered in the previous period and revealing a new one. However, until now, the texts which appeared after the coups or some kind of inventions were always instead of emerging the will of the people, it was filled with different kinds of mechanisms that have tried to take the will of the people under control in some way. Although this time the work that is put together is to remove the guardianship elements as far as possible, the existence of some mechanisms inside it is causing concerns that tomorrow another drawback will occur. With trust for the President at the moment from this angle, we believe it is useful to mention the importance of making healthy negotiations on the remedies of possible troubles that may arise from tomorrow’s system.

Finally, we think that it is beneficial to mention a few points about the campaigns related to the referendum. We believe that constitutional regime that strengthens the execution and lifts the elements of guardianship over the will of the people, generally will be beneficial for Turkey. But a with every law that is manmade, it should be accepted that there may be some disadvantages if not today but tomorrow that may arise.

In addition, while a campaign is being made regarding this event, it should not be allowed for a squatting position such as the pros and cons in team supporting manner. The politics of intensive use of some people and segments that have been popular in public in recent days, should be re-audited. People that have no relation to the spirit of the value of messages that the AK Party has defended for many years or in this campaigns or some similar events, the exaggerated words and movements towards it, are intimidating to sincere people. We believe that it will be useful to pay attention particularly to this issue.

We are sadly following the efforts of the people that are defenders of the 'No', bringing the draft on the amendment of the constitution to the agenda just as opposing the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and taking the events out side of these grounds.

And it should be kept in mind that it is not always right to believe what ever the others says we should argue the opposite. While the constitutional amendment is being defended, the benefits of the Presidency system that is put forward should be really explained. The questions that might arise in the mind of the citizens should also be sincerely answered. It should not be forgotten that there is no stronger and lasting value than sincerity. This nation until today has, especially the President and the close cadres, been supporting them because they have found them sincere and authentic. This will carry on as long as this line is followed.

We hope that the referendum process will result in a good way at the point where our country will be in a better system and that there will be, with no difficulty, a propaganda and election period in this process.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Şubat 2017, 10:03