Again dangerous games in Skopje

again we witnessed the dark atmosphere of the mind captive by dirty ideologies and corrupted nationalism, full of danger and destruction.

Again dangerous games in Skopje

By Ismail Bardhi, World Bulletin

It is indeed difficult for me to repeat an information about something that for today seems as it took place long time ago, namely the assassination of five young innocent men two days before Easter near the village of Smilkovci, Skopje. Immediately after this tragic event a total silence ... and than speculations started, for Macedonians those who were to be blamed were the Albanians, and for Albanians Serbs were guilty. Once again we witnessed the dark atmosphere of the mind captive by dirty ideologies and corrupted nationalism, full of danger and destruction. But all agreed in one: everybody, regardless of religious and national affiliation condemned this act as a great tragedy and all, including Muslims, demanded this issue to be solved and perpetrators to be brought to justice. But what should be pointed out here is that one Member of the Parliament of Macedonia, of Serbian ethnicity, few months before this tragedy, during a session of a parliamentary commission warned that something terrible my happen in April... Later one he said that what he said was only a coincidence...

And... Surprise!?! Some twenty days after the tragedy a large number of policemen (according to official information more than 800), heavily armed entered into the houses of Albanian Muslims and like thunder arrested tens of people. The same day the Minister of Interior in front of TV cameras and journalists informed the public opinion that the executors of that horrible crime are arrested and that their goal was to destabilize the relations between Muslims and Christians. And, according to her, they were Islamic radical terrorists who for a period of time were in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Again silence ... fear, horror, unbelievable. This was indeed surprising, because the very next day majority of the accused for “terrorism” were released.

But what should be emphasized here is that in the past times we had no such a case, and this was the first time that the Interior Ministry of Macedonia arrested Muslim mothers and women with a pretext of being involved in terrorist activities. All those days may were shocked by the non-professional information issued by an official institution of a country facing so many crisis and confusion.

This was the reason why many followers of Islam voluntarily, without the support of political parties and religious/non-religious associations were self-organized in the name of God, justice and humanity decided to go out on the streets of Skopje to defend human mind and protest against such humiliating and horrible act full of injustice and professional and institutional insaneness, It is interesting that during the protests many of slogans by these Muslims protestors were to find and punish those who committed the execution of the innocent people, regardless who are they and to whom are they, but not to point to Islam and Muslims. Even the common people had nothing top say except that this was a fabricated case prepared by groups who have played havoc in our homes for long time. They had reason to doubt because this country has turned into a place of doubt and is guided by the motto “all that flies can be eaten”, and their idea is that they must do something “big” so their voice can be heard abroad. A true provinciality....

Here we should recall some events that took place in this country: during communism there was a blast near the Islamic Religious Union’s offices, which was latter proved to have been planted by the Interior Ministry; then it was the attempt for assassination of the former president of the country, Kiro Gligovor, and the perpetrators are still unknown; the incident or conflict of 2001 in Macedonia begun and ended without knowing who, what and why. It was at that time that several Pakistanis were executed by security forces as members of a group of al-Qaida, and in fact they were only economic clandestines, who were captured and brought at that spot and executed by the members of the very Interior Ministry, who took advantage of the incident to show that they are fighting against “greater” enemy, against world’s evil.

Many similar events took place in this small country, which don’t know why hates so much the common people, and it is not clear what these zalimun really want, instead of dealing with issues of humanity and insaniyet, regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity and culture and to try helping each-other, it constantly assumes the role of Nemrud to burn innocent men, to burn the innocent voice and to distort man’s good look.

All that I wrote above is done with delay and the sound mind may accuse me for everything, and I accept such accusations. But my point is somewhere else, in fact my revolt is directed somewhere else: how it is possible in the era of mass communication when the world of information is so highly developed such tragic incident to be kept silent in Turkey, because as far as I know I haven’t seen or heard any news or comment about it in the Turkish written media and TV channels. To tell you the truth, as a human I was deeply touched. While discussing it with some friends of mine here in Turkey I was asked why don’t I write something about it?!? My reply was: I can’t write, but I would like to ask you why you are not writing anything, because you are the masters in that field and businessmen in the world of information; how can you avoid such case? I made this argument only as defense, but we must look into the criticism that is raised here. It is surprising that from a number of my countrymen who are following university and post-university studies both in the country and in Turkey, and that number is indeed large, how can we, being students or cultural workers, allow such fundamental events for our existence to pass by and nobody is dealing with them. This is a great question that proves who we are and why are we in such situation. It is not enough only to have good behavior or to be servile after scholarships and a possible employment, regardless how low it may be, as it is the case back in Macedonia where we have so many employments for a Guinness record, but without work-place, or who receive salaries while staying at home.

But, I see that diplomacy is not functioning properly vis-a-vis this country that has a cultural legacy, both of Byzantium and of the Ottoman Empire, as well as of the Russian socialism. Indeed, those who surround this country have many objections against it and don’t recognize it fully, such is the case with Greece and Bulgaria, and on the other side we have the Turks who were constantly misused by the country’s institutions, both during the past social order and now in pluralism, because they had always a reserve towards this ethnicity and used them to play the role of the policemen against the other followers of the same religious belief. The latest incident is kept silent, or it is spoken abut with a confused terminology: wherever diplomacy should take place, culture is the one to do that: and where culture is needed, diplomacy takes place. We see that the Turkish people, who rise in defense of the Ottoman cultural heritage are using a diplomacy based on language commonalities with the Macedonians and on he idea that culture should bring us together, because we use many common words, like “börek”, “sarma”, “köfte”, “yorgan”, “yastik”, etc, often forgetting that the philosophy of the diplomacy is not only in how certain words sound, but that unfortunately, within this linguistic “chorba”, the “sarma” often tastes like poison and blood, while “yorgan” and “yastik” in dead people. We have no right to deceive ourselves only with “pleasant words”, while injustice and horror have taken great proportions and when the time has come for someone to take action for bringing justice and order on Earth for the sake of insanllik, humanity.


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