Arab Counter-revolution on Threshold of Plummeting

The ongoing ominous geo-political scenario prevailing in the Arab world stands to vindicate the bitter fact that the Arab monarchies are once again on the fast retreat to the days of Ignorance

Arab Counter-revolution on Threshold of Plummeting

Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami

The great scientist Newton’s third law of motion ‘every action has an opposite and equal reaction’ perfectly fits in the incidence of Arab spring revolution against the authoritarian dictators of Middle East and North Africa. The counter-revolutionary forces in the concerned regions aided by the Western imperialistic forces managed to bounce back with a massive strike on July 3, 2013 and successfully orchestrated the first huge blow to the Arab revolution.

Arab counter-revolution with its success in Egypt, stalemate in Yemen, slow recuperation in Tunisia, obliteration in Libya and intrigued onslaught in Gaza is still frightened with the overall outcome of their combined somersault.

In Syria the Iranian- backed regime with the full backing of all the Shiet forces is merely limited to a few secured pockets of the country. The regime in Damascus may sustain for some more time but would not be able to rule the entire country again. 

Despite the slow and bloody transition processes in other Arab countries, the Egypt style military counter-revolution seems to be quite distant due to its premature breakdown in Pharaoh land. People are still filling the streets with great enthusiasm to retrieve their lost revolution. The dream of nonagenarian Saudi king of getting Egypt out of ‘dark tunnel’ seems far-off from the new Pharaoh’s myopic eyesight.
In fact, the counter-revolutionaries are passing through a period of despair and are doing all possible heinous acts to maintain the insipid and evil-some status-quo in the regions under tumultuous conditions. However, the masses of the regions think otherwise and are eager to get rid of the clutches of the imperial stooges.

The counter-revolutionary block backed by the US and other western imperial powers is now courting with both--- the Zionist entity and the axis of evil, while also trying to cozy with the Czar in Moscow. Their massive coffers filled with petrodollars are on buying spree.

Albeit, they could not succeed to completely isolate Qatar and miserably failed to remove the Turkish stalwart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from Ankara, and who has now reached  the top of the hill to Cankaya palace, and they have to face him as the new President of Turkey for another 10 years.

The demeaning activities of counter- revolutionary block are in full public view and scrutiny; their own people are questioning the motives behind their anti-human actions and inactions.

People who were earlier confused and unable to understand why their regimes were propagating the cause of Islam while courting with the enemies of Islam and clamping down the  Shiekhs and religious scholars who showed even a little dissent on their government policies. Now, the people have openly started questioning the true intent of their leaders in cloak and turban. 

When Shaykh Tawfeeq Al Sayegh, Imam of big Jeddah mosque, gave a powerful emotional speech in his Khutbah condemning the Rabaa massacre, he was not only removed by Saudi Government but his visa was also revoked. After his removal, the mosque was virtually emptied by the worshippers.

The Shiekhs and preachers on State payroll are losing the mass appeal, like the cult of Madkhalism of Salafi movement. People do not take their religious edicts seriously anymore.

In the name of national security, these despotic monarchs and dictators are only safeguarding the rule of their clans.

The coffers filled with petrodollars are opened up to buy the people and the representatives of freedom and dignity. The mercenary Armies of Arab world’s despots and dictators are given freehand to curb any voice asking for freedom, dignity and equality.

Like the earlier empires, these dictators and despots will also have to relinquish powers. As their long- time- coming clan rule is now in danger, they are trying to stop the inevitable change which may be prolonged only for a little more time.

Their act of courting with an adversary to safeguard their regimes has reached to the point where these despotic rulers are seen gravely frightened even with their own shadows.

The people are now fed-up with the regimes, serving the interests of their colonial masters, and the rulers have lost the respect of majority of the people.

Despite their massive funding to the political parties, foundations, print media, social media, and news channels, they have not still been able to discredit the revolution, resistance and its leaders from the people’s mind.

No doubt, the unprecedented brutal murder of the nascent democracy in Egypt altered the revolutionary script in the said region. That has impacted not only the Arab spring countries but also the other nations of the region.

It is worth mentioning here that the two world leaders who congratulated Al-Sisi soon after the overthrowing of President Morsi were King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

After taking Egypt out of the’ dark tunnel’ now the same forces are trying to repeat their heinous inhuman acts in Libya, Tunisia and Yemen with different strategies. Though they could not do much in Syria, the country was left in the bigger and darker tunnel.

In fact, the ongoing ominous geo-political scenario prevailing in the Arab world stands to vindicate the bitter fact that the Arab monarchies are once again on the fast retreat to the days of Ignorance (Jahilyah) when only might had been the tool to decide between the right and the wrong, and the ignorant gullible masses were made to helplessly follow the unwritten laws of their despotic masters of Jahilya.

Like the period of Jahilya in the Arab history, this phase will also depart, and the new dawn of freedom, justice and human dignity will emerge in the regions. The wintry blasts of tyranny will die down in the wake of the rising Spring------ an inevitable and irresistible historical development.

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