As Netanyahu is breaking the taboos…

Netanyahu’s speech at the United States House of Representatives is an intervention attempt to the US’s foreign policy.

As Netanyahu is breaking the taboos…

Akif Emre

Netanyahu’s speech at the United States House of Representative was important in the sense of the picture he presented, rather than the message he transmitted. Despite Obama’s opposition, he had gone up to the rostrum on the Republicans’ invitation and spoke to his own voters in an environment, where he didn’t feel like being a stranger. He gave a speech about the necessity of not continuing the nuclear negotiations between US and Iran.

If you look at it from another angle, no matter how close these countries are as friends, the Prime Minister of a small country like Israel is almost interfering with the internal politics of a country like the US, which is the biggest power of the world. In a way, he is threatening them, by pointing at the fact that if they don’t change their foreign policy there will be big disasters.

The picture presented until this point is suitable especially to the template of the general mass in Turkey about the relations between Israel, Jews and the US. In other words, even though it has been exaggerated, a display, which feeds the jurisdiction with different tones, is becoming evident: Israel was already steering the US. Netanyahu had been applauded loudly despite the President. It’s almost as if he is designing the American politics in the Parliament. This image is enough to satisfy some people’s pedant rage.

Image is not everything. Image can sometimes become the obstacle in front of the reality.
Netanyahu’s speech at the United States House of Representatives has revealed many weaknesses, as well as breaks in the routines…

In a sense, Netanyahu’s speech at the United States House of Representatives is an intervention attempt to the US’s foreign policy. He gets this courage from Israel’s special position for the American government; the political power of the Jews can be explained by their population in the system and especially their fortune’s support. No President could speak in such manner in the United States House of Representatives, despite the President of the US.

Netanyahu had presented a picture, which declared to the world that Israel’s and the Jews’ power’s influence over the US is limited and Israel cannot have the US do anything they want, on the contrary to the claims of some people.

If Israel was controlling the world, leaving aside America, then I guess Netanyahu wouldn’t have to make the speech, full of worry and fear, by risking sauciness and despite his self-confident attitude… It was an attempt to look cute to Americans, arouse pity for themselves and to influence them by making his power felt. In other words, not everything Israel desires happens.

Also, as for another matter that shouldn’t be forgotten; even though this speech had been given due to a global and regional threat, before anything else, it should be regarded as an investment directed at domestic policies. Thus, Netanyahu’s attempt has been criticized greatly by his opponents, as they claimed it damaged the relation between Israel and the US.

The American policies in the Middle East, which always seemed to be the same with Israel’s in every matter, were actually open to being compared with Israel’s skill of getting their policies done under the US’s protection. However, the US’s attitude in an extremely strategic matter like nuclear weapons, despite Israel’s objection, has shown us that both powers are differentiating at some points.

In the end, there is a hegemon world power named the US, and there are policies they pursue in the direction of their priorities and global strategies. These are strategies, which can partially coincide with Israel’s benefits and will be conducted despite Israel.

The Jews’ power within the US politics cannot be underestimated. Israel is the only country the US can trust in the region. Protection of Israel’s existence and essential benefits are vital for the US, which has always supported Israel militarily, economically and technologically. They will continue to do so and also continue to keep their privileged position. However, all of this doesn’t mean that the US is under Israel’s guidance.

On the contrary to an important mistake, which had been revealed recently – or to put it better – the opinion, which had been revealed by a perception operation, Iran and Israel are not secret partners. What led Israel’s Prime Minister to persuade and even apply pressure to the American administration and public through the United States House of Representatives is the possibility of Iran possessing nuclear power…

In other words, this could amount to the removal of Israel’s nuclear privilege and a rival rising up against them in the region. Such a development will rob Israel of their maneuver area, in the sense of military, and their nuclear threat power that takes the whole region hostage. Putting Iran’s errors and their regional policies, which should be criticized, aside; the demonization of Iran and Israel will benefit some…and it’s already clear.

Within this context, there is also another fact; neither the US nor Israel nor any other power is an absolute indicator or power that controls everything, but rather their existing powers’ influence is ultimately limited. The structures, which know what they are doing and are able to create long-term strategies, can overcome all these difficulties. What’s important is to be ready to pay the price for this as a community.

The best way to prevent Israel from possessing nuclear weapons, despite international agreements and laws, and the questioning of this is to legitimize its existence with a potential threat in the region.
The unbalanced military power and political influence of Israel are not serving any other purpose than the continuity of the status quo within the Arabic countries in the Middle East. The status quo, from the Gulf to Egypt, is being designed by fear of Israel and the tyrannies are being legitimated. Putting an end to this might barricade Israel’s impertinence.

In short, Netanyahu had shed a light on his sauciness and the limits of Israel’s power. This will affect the Israel image created by many people from many segments in Turkey the most.

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