Europe's Love Affair with Wars & Conflicts: A Bane for Humanity

After decades of creating, managing and executing the wars and conflicts the greedy American and European powers have adopted the way of outsourcing their wars to regional mercenary armies

Europe's Love Affair with Wars & Conflicts: A Bane for Humanity

Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami

Europe’s ongoing much-hyped love affair with Yezidis of Iraq and Kurds of Syria shows their highly acclaimed ‘respect’ to humanity, democracy and rule of law, where they are more than ready to save a few thousand Yezidis and Kurds, no matter whatever be cost in terms of loss of innocent lives and infrastructures, including civilian homes, hospitals, working establishments, institutions etc. They have started arming Kurds and Shiiets to save Iraqi integrity which they brutally violated just a decade ago.
The United Kingdom, the principal savior of democracy (though itself marginally saved conceding Scotland) is more than willing to kill the Iraqis again after establishing enormously successful democracy in post-2003 Iraq.

Post World war-2 Germany, perceived to be the most civilized among the European powers, is itching to arm Kurds where they are capable to manage and sustain with the Turkish and Iranian help.
Another European colonial power, France, is busy with its renewed wars on the African soils to recapture the wealth of its old colonies in the continent, after it was forced to abandon a few decades ago.

Italy and Spain, though struggling to thwart their economic meltdown and their actions are also fraught with the secessionist movements in Sicily and Catalonia, are replicating their colonial past while not shying away from taking part in modern day imperial wars and conflicts.

The major European country across the Atlantic, the United States of America (USA), the flag bearer, Policeman and Incharge of bringing democracy, civility and human values across the world since the end of the Second World War, is obsessed with creating and recalibrating the conflicts across the continents, particularly Asia and Africa.

After killing millions of people in two Iraqi wars and the Afghanistan invasion, they are back with bang in Iraq again with a new plan to save mankind from the savagery of terrorism that they themselves have planted and nurtured during the past few years with a nefarious design as unfolding in their current acts of brutality in alliance with other European saviors of humanity.

The ISIS onslaught and expansion, widely perceived as created, aided and abated by the US itself to serve its future imperialistic strategy, is alleged to have created an environment for the re-invasion of Iraq. Citing the opportunity, the coalition of willing countries is already formed and marched to the region again.

The European expertise of creating the Frankenstein monsters and then saving the stressed humanity from the same stooges is very well known. Their ability to form the coalition of the willing as well as involving the regional despots and monarchs is also very meticulous.

They have created new conflicts in other parts of the world just before their scheduled withdrawl from Afghanistan, where they have established a model ‘democracy’ and turned Afghanistan into the league of ‘developed’ nation in a decade’s time.

After initiating recent bombings in Iraq and Syria, as per President Obama’s declaration they will now also use this opportunity to arm their favored opposition in Syria and impose the alternative to Assad. Obama waited more than three years and saw the devastation of a civilization where half of the country’s population became refugees; nearly two hundred thousand killed, and more Journalists were killed by Assad’s forces than the ISIL.

Ukraine is another example where they are determined to save humanity, democracy and rule of law till the last Ukrainian is left, at least in the east of the country.

Similarly, they helped Georgia to confront Russians in South Ossetia and Abkhazia and of course during 2008 Georgian- Russian war.

Egypt’s coup is the biggest recent example of Europe’s profound commitment to democracy at any cost, where they meticulously orchestrated a bloody coup and enabled Egyptian military junta to bring more ruthless and inhuman democracy that even Mubarak might be ashamed of.

Thus, Europe’s favourite policy has always been creating the adversaries and engaging them via wars, coercions, conflicts and the hegemonic diplomacy. These Europeern colonial powers know the art of ‘sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind ‘by creating, using and dumping the proxies.

After decades of creating, managing and executing the wars and conflicts the greedy American and European powers have adopted the way of outsourcing their wars to regional mercenary armies, ready to work as a third party contractor to bear the maximum toll on Dollars and Euros. Despite the fact that they have mastery of creating proxies and using them for asymmetric warfare and then dump them or wage a war on terror on the same proxies depending on their devised plan.

Undeniably, the secular, liberal and capitalist Europe has killed more innocent people by self- created conflicts and wars in the modern age than any other previous civilization in the world.

Now they have come with the coalition of willing to eradicate the terrorism in Iraq that they sowed and nurtured in the last decade. Europe has killed millions of women and children and innocent people in the history; now, they are killing them by sitting in their respective countries through unmanned drone crafts.

Ironically, they are out to take revenge of two scribes killed by the ISIS and would save the remaining hostages while Europe has killed hundreds of Journalists reporting their war crimes in different parts of the world , at least 20 journalists in Iraq only during their occupation.

Europe’s war on terror designed by across the Atlantic empire has devised numerous tougher anti-terror laws to deal with the people inside and outside the USA.

Nowadays, people around the world are more informed than the decade before, thanks to the active social media and greater reach of unbiased alternative media. Many coalition partners are more concerned about their domestic problems, regional partners and allies are much more aware of the European intrigues and plots, their apprehension on not putting their boots on the ground due to the domestic pressure has made the war- maniac Europe’s job a little more difficult.

In the fast changing geo-political and economic scenario of the world, it however remains to be seen how long the present -day decaying Europe will be able to impose its hegemony with their new tactics of outsourcing the wars to proxies and mercenary armies. The blood of the suffering humanity in the war-ravaged countries will demand its huge cost when the war-mongers of the Europe and their autocratic allies will confront their nemesis helplessly.

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