Growing tensions between Iran and Pakistan

Iran troubled with a number of attacks has carried out by Baluch armed groups, who are Sunni Muslims living in Baluchistan, called Jundullah and Jaish al-Adl, against the state in recent years. Iran tightened its stance and performed six or seven-hour border post attacks

Growing tensions between Iran and Pakistan

Mahmut Osmanoglu

Recently, there are growing border-tensions between Iran and Pakistan. Cross-border clashes increased the tensions between the two countries so much that both countries called each other's ambassadors to protest the clashes, even though it's difficult to gain control over the border, which reaches up to 900 kilometers (over 560 miles).

In fact, Pakistani troops has for the first time fired back Iran forces. News on clashes has often been reported even after the talks, have eased now to some extent the tensions between the two countries in Tehran.

The habitants of around the border zone are Beluch people, who are likely to be identified as “Kurds” of the territory, even a lot more in Afghan territory. The Beluch population- about10 million spread around the three neighboring countries where the post border clashes took place.

We can also identify this zone, including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan as the edge points, as a “Golden Triangle”,  because –as there has been most prolific opium producers and eventually arms, drugs and human trafficking.

Afghanistan is of the top location engaged in opium farming –the biggest, alone in the world more than eighty percent of smuggled opium cultivation-  where is considered to be the easiest route, for the delivery of drugs, to Turkey and Europe acrosss Iran. This area has significant importance for drug trafficking. The Guards in Iran-Pakistan border don't give up the fight against drug traffickers.

The border guards of Iran and Pakistan are taking a very tough stance against drug traffickers. The drug traffickers act in just the same way a fully-equipped-army while they often clash with the border guards, in which dozens of Iranian troops were killed. The reason of such readiness is most likely that the traffickers are supposed to be sentenced with capital punishment in Iran.

What’s more, within this triangle, Beluch Independence Army, which have been fighting against Pakistan, and Jundullah and Jaish al-Adl armed groups claiming they’re the defenders of Sunni Muslims, keep themselves active. 

The border zone neighboring Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan Sunni region, is likely to be described as a chink in Iran’s armor. The reason it forced Iran to fight in or even more recently post border areas in Pakistan to follow armed groups, whose attacks threaten to Iran.

Iran has critically been troubled with the armed Beluch Sunni movements called Jundullah and Jaish al-Adl, which have emerged for over time, after the legendary fight of Afghans against the Soviet Union. Iran also claims the Gulf countries  give support these movements in an effort to destabilize Iran, and some fractions from Pakistan give them shelter. But Pakistan, of course, disclaims any responsibility for those fractions’ actions. 

Armed Sunni movements are taking shelter in the desert lands of Iran’s border zone neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan, and doing bloody attacks as well as kidnapping some infantries from time to time. 

Iran has tightened its conduct up on such armed groups and Pakistan, which is assumed by Iran as a supporter for them, and more recently did a hot pursuit operation, up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) into post border areas for over six hours. Pakistan, too, was targeted and a junior officer was killed during the operation. So Pakistan returned fire in reprisal for this operation.

Post border clashes goes on and tensions grows, according to the local reporters, in spite of the talks in Tehran aiming to ease the tensions.

It’s possible to understand easily how Iran reacts to this long standing armed-threats to itself from post Pakistan border for so many years.

Growing tensions around the border could badly effect not only the connections, which have become more and more strong- between the two neighboring people, but also let the armed forces, who wandering around this no man’s land posing a threat and availing themselves of these circumstances.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Ekim 2014, 11:38

Muhammed Öylek