Importance of relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

There is much importance in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan working together in cohesion. The close relation between these two nations particularly in economy and culture have an undeniable critical impact on the future of Central Asia.

Importance of relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Dr. Namaz Nurmumin Muhammed

The region of Central Asia which was formerly referred to as Turkestan, has been confronted with the most busiest and crucial days since the end of the Soviet regime, maybe even a time where existence or non existence is of concern.  Hence now is the time that the destiny of this  region Central Asia will  be determined, depending on the direction it takes hereon.

 We can briefly summarize the events of the region as follows:  Uzbekistan has a new leadership in power, Kazakhstan is heading towards a change in regime.  This means that there is a structural change in these two influential nations of Central  Asia which has a comprised land area of 3 million kilometers square and a population of approximately 50 million.

 After the death of Islam Kerimov who was a communist and Soviet type leader right down to his core,  the Uzbek Prime Minister Sevket Mirziyayev who had claimed the leadership had hinted that he would pursue nationalist politics aimed at the people, on the 4th of December prior to being elected President.  He made a speech to the people as the temporary President and said 'Whoever has any problem should convey the message directly to the head of the state' and set up an online platform accordingly as 'Online petition'.  It is said that the applications made on this 'platform' is over 270 thousand already.  Hence the people of Uzbekistan who had only been forced to praise Islam Kerimov during the time of his leadership, finally now have the opportunity to express their own personal and social concerns.  This step taken by Sevket Mirziyayev and allowing for the freedom of some of the opposition, has aroused an atmosphere of freedom in Uzbekistan that can be compared to events such as the throwing of a shoe by Nikita Krusev who had come into power after the Stalin period,  while at the UN platform, which resulted in the softening of the Soviet regime, or, like the release of millions of people in Siberia by Stalin who had imprisoned them earlier...

 On the other hand Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is referred to as 'White beard of the Turk Islam world', during a speech made at the ceremony commemorating the 25 th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan had declared the regime change to be made in his nation.  From here on Kazakhstan would continue to be ruled in the same manner as Turkey with a presidential system, however the parliament and government would be strengthened.  With this Nazarbayev would ease his own authoritarian regime that he had used to rule over the people in order to reconstruct his own people and state, expressing concerns that especially he would not allow the nation being partitioned amongst the family members of the ruling government in the future.


Uzbekistan, after the Kerimov period and the more freedom based politics observed by Kazakhstan is of crucial importance for the existence of Central Asia.  Hence the politics of Kerimov who not only considered the outside world as an enemy but also considered his neighbors in Central Asia as an enemy and therefore closed all boundaries, had a detrimental impact on the nations and states of this region who shares the same language, religion, culture and history.

 Sevket Mirziyayev who had taken his place, had taken steps even only in the first days of office to ease the borders of Kirghistan and Tajikistan, which Uzbekistan had the biggest problems with during the period of Kerimov, in order to reestablish closer ties with the people and governments of these nations.  The Uzbek and Kirghiz governments and cultural delegations had visited these nations correspondingly, the Uzbeks had been to Tajikistan and Tashkent-Dusanbe flights were reopened after 24 years.

 One of the most important steps of the government of Sevket Mirziyayev was the announcement that he would not attend the summits of military KGAO and Eurasian Economic Unity, under the leadership of the Russian President Putin who constantly makes reference to the revival of the former USSR, but instead would strengthen relations with neighboring and brotherhood nations of Central Asia.

 Hence, in this aspect the close ties of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is of most importance  in Central Asia.  The positive outcomes  primarily in economics and culture, including other areas, of these two nations which have bonded together with a strategic partnership agreement, leaves no doubt in anybody's mind that it will be influential in the near future of Central Asia.

 Hence Nursultan Nazarbayev, who is a diplomatic leader not only in Central Asia but also in the old Soviet borders, has established tight contact with the new Uzbek leader Sevket Mirziyayev and these two leaders will probably come together any day now.

 In addition, the biggest damage made by the Soviets to this region being the tragedy of the Aral lake drying up, is a mutual problem of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.  It is of most importance that the two nations of this region which has been mostly effected by this tragedy, act in cohesion together and on the international platform to solve this problem.

 At this stage it is expected from the governments of these brother nations of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, to continue policies to enhance more freedom and personal values, to open boundaries with each other in order to enhance mutual economic trade and mutual market; in addition making greater efforts to allow the people of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, who share the same language, religion and destiny to come even closer together.


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