Israel's timing strategy

Israel has activated its policy of gaining an impudent victimhood and benefit from every crisis, while looking at the situations of the Middle East’s congested, helpless and spineless people, away from prudence and weak leaderships and states

Israel's timing strategy

Akif Emre

The Zionist boots, which presses on and oppresses Palestinians every day, had penetrated Mescid-i Aksa. It is being mentioned that this is a first, after the invasion of Jerusalem by the soldiers under control of the one-eyed Moşe Dayan. It is not clear whether this comment had been added to the news as an alleviant or in order to explain the gravity of the issue. However, everybody that enters Mescid-i Aksa at least knows that the bullets and explosives used in the first attacks on the Muslims’ first kiblah are being presented. In the attempt to burn Mescid-i Aksa in 1969, the wooden pulpit, which had been handed down from Selahaddin Eyyubi and has a duplicate in the İbrahim Mosque in Al Halil, had burned. The traces left from that incident are still alive. The heritage from Selahaddin Eyyubi, the wooden pulpit artwork, is not in its place anymore!

An abundance of ineffective news is in the press, which is related with the provocative oppression carried out by Israel at Mescid-i Aksa, the timing of the oppressions and attacks, the possible results of these and the meaning of Mescid-i Aksa for the Muslims. Indeed, without a doubt, Israel has activated its policy of gaining an impudent victimhood and benefit from every crisis, while looking at the situations of the Middle East’s congested, helpless and spineless people, away from prudence and weak leaderships and states. This will be neither the first nor the last. Before falling into the dilemma of reaction, in which rage and anger comes to the same meaning as recklessness, and unresponsiveness, we should be more interested in the events in Jerusalem and what is being planned there.

       1- It’s important to designate this; the idea, of building a synagogue to the field upon which Mescid-i Aksa was built, especially to the part where Kubbetüssahra is, is not limited with the dreams of a couple of Jewish groups that are a fanatic minority. The idea of the construction of a synagogue and the realization of the Jewish myths about the structure of Mescid-i Aksa Mosque is an ideal that is also being shared from the side of Israel’s founder/official ideology. Even though it had been postponed for now and even though it had been reimbursed on the extremist Jews, this is a strategic objective for the people administering Israel, which they had left to time.

      2- Judaizing the Mescid-i Aksa is an objective, which had been planned with a strategic mind and suitably timed. Also, this strategy is not independent from Judaizing Jerusalem. Without knowing the details and objective of Israel’s persistent attitude, which not just in a military sense but also in a diplomatic view, also pierces the international law towards Mescid-i Aksa’s position, which had been determined with agreements, and Jerusalem’s international position, the tension it causes nowadays, to put it better, the oppression policy cannot be understood.

        3- Before everything else, Palestinians are not only offended by the Mescid-i Aksa incident; but also, Israel is not allowing Palestinians inside Jerusalem. The more lasting and relentless versions of the bans, which is being implemented on the Mescid-i Aksa, has been implemented on Jerusalem for years. Despite a situation like being left to the administration of the international guarantee states within the UN frame (this decision should be discussed separately), the ongoing invasion in Jerusalem and Israel’s bohemian statements that are violating this decision is apparent. Especially since the 1980s, by implementing a state policy, Israel had taken steps towards altering Jerusalem’s status single-sidedly. On the contrary, every attempt had become dim, and only consisted of diplomatic protests, the steps taken by Israel had started to become a right that had been won de facto.

       4- While a systematic policy is implemented in order to Judaize Jerusalem demographically, it is important to follow the developments that terrorize Palestinians, who are limited with conflicts. At this state, the plan of drawing the Palestinians, who possess the right to live in Jerusalem and belong to separate statuses, is being implemented. Thousands of Palestinians had lost their right to live in Jerusalem, where they have been born and raised, because of arbitrary justifications. Even marrying a Palestinian outside Jerusalem can count as a sufficient reason for your identity to be taken away.

        5- Putting aside the purification of Eastern Jerusalem from Palestinian Arabs, the savings in the reconstruction plans, archeological diggings and tunnels are all related with the Judaizing of the entire Jerusalem metropolitan field, and are legal infrastructure studies that pave the way for fatal results. As long as nobody speaks against it, protesting the relocation of thousands of Palestinians every year will have no effect at all.

        6- Palestinian Arabs being kicked out of Jerusalem, the rest being imprisoned in Jerusalem, and the other Palestinians being unable to enter Jerusalem even to conduct their Friday prayers are a part of the daily life. This is the reflection of the demographic structure’s alteration strategy on the Arabs. The actual move is the constructed settlements at Jerusalem and around it. The placement of almost a million Jewish intruders and this being done systematically is the part of a strategy, which we call timing. Thus, the settlement ring, which surrounds and separates Jerusalem from the Palestinian population in a de facto way, had been actualized. With these settlements, in which tens of thousands of people had been placed, Jerusalem had been surrounded all around; in other words, Israel is conducting every kind of operation to geographically and demographically prevent Jerusalem, which is a part of Palestine’s land, from forming a whole with Palestine. Additional to this, while the wall of shame is forming the most impudent aspect of the incident, it is also Israel’s declaration of their recklessness.

        7- Israel’s diplomatic and persistent declaration of Jerusalem as their eternal capital, and the status of the Kubbetüssahra and Mescid-i Aksa fields are not separate from each other. Even the news channels using the Jerusalem reference as Israel’s capital, rather than Tel Aviv, and our Jerusalem perception and sensitivity being entrusted to these channels is also a separate severity issue.

During a period, where Palestinians are being divided among themselves, all the other alternatives other than a political structure that is indexed on Israel’s permission are being annihilated in the name of peace. The Muslims in the region are busy bombing their own houses, Israel would be continuing on humiliating the Muslims and oppressing the Palestinians against the actions, which don’t have any other meaning than ineffective reactions.

Jerusalem’s meaning for the Muslims, its place and holiness is incontestable and indispensable; however, it’s also a sad reality that the protection of this had been abandoned on the hopes of some Palestinians. Palestinians were not only left alone; also since they defended the lands of Jerusalem, and didn’t obey Israel, they had been accused of being terrorists.

Yes, time is running out!

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Muhammed Öylek