It's not easy to be a Greek!

The historic mission that has been attributed to Greece - that being a part of an archaic root alongside Rome and Jerusalem - meant that for the Greeks, it has been a reward and punishment at the same time. Akif Emre give a point analysis of how their current position in Europe is being tested and their words echo the similar disposition of tyrannical powers in the Middle East.

It's not easy to be a Greek!

Akif Emre

Greece was the symbol country of the European Civilization. They were the geographical inheritors of the Ancient Greek Civilization, which formed the intellectual foundations of the idea of Europe. In order to actualize this imaginary fiction, they had been separated from the Ottomans, as the imperialist project of Europeans, and gained a political existence. One of the archaic roots of the three trivets, Athens, Rome and Jerusalem, which formed the European civilization, was rising here.

This historic mission attributed to Greece has been their reward and punishment at the same time. Occasionally they used the advantage of being the spoiled child of Europe intemperately. Maybe this undeserved, special attention had caused them to disregard their realities. Europeans also had them pay for it….

It’s not easy to carry the burden of history. Communities will be crushed under the burden of imputation representations of undeserved historic missions, like people would…..

Greece has experienced the most shocking trauma of such situation.

Nowadays, as an addressee to special treatment, their position in the European Union is going through a serious tremor.

They were the country which benefited from the European Union’s expansion policies the most…. Greece’s symbolical meaning was tantamount, more than its own existence for the architects, who want to resurrect their Rome ideal, of the European Union idea. Greeks were aware of this situation, so they didn’t abstain from using their EU opportunities, both economically and politically, until the end.

Greece is experiencing the biggest economic crisis in their history. The country has gone bankrupt despite the European Union’s financial support.

Of course, they didn’t arrive at this point suddenly. This is the accumulated bill of using their resources/opportunities loutishly with the belief that the EU will never discard them… As the European Union absorbed Greece, unlike their Greek roots, Europeans adapted Greece, who wasn’t ready for this both geographically and economically, to the European life style and standards.

Germany being in the first place, the European Union compelled Greece to delve into their austerity policies, which the Greek community was not accustomed to, in order to regulate their economy. In other words, to guarantee the return of their financial aid. Unemployment, austerity policies and shaken life standards resulted as the Greeks faced the ugly truth.

In this process, maybe for the first time, Greece had formed a communal opposition with the SYRIZA movement and reacted against Western Europe. Despite being honored on preference all this time, the frustration found it’s response in the most radical politics and turned into an EU enmity that solidified over Germany.

Without a doubt, this enmity is a Western hostility rather than a capitalism hostility, despite SYRIZA’s radical ideas. Their childish attitudes, which resembles a kid whose toy had just been taken off his hands, are showing up in the recent EU-Greece meetings.

Their statements, which are almost threats, and arguments, which are brought forward as a room for negotiation, does not fit to a country, which belongs to the remainder of three archaic cities that were assumed to be rising over Europe. The recent striking example to this was the Greek Prime Minister’s threatening the EU Ministers.

Nikos Kotzias, Prime Minister of Greece, who participated in the European Union’s Prime Ministers meeting at Latvia, had some strange rebukes. Nikos Kotzias, who defended the idea that they are being exposed to political racism, said, “For the future of Europe, different politics are needed in Greece. Besides, this is also a geostrategic necessity.” Following his statement, he implied that if the European Union’s attitude towards Greece doesn’t change, then Greece might take the case to referendum and leave the union. This is the reflection of the psychology I mentioned above.

We are familiar with the Greek Minister’s final words; “If Greece collapses, then millions of refugees and jihadists will crowd Europe.”

This statement is quite similar to the argument used by Turkish politicians against Europeans in the past. In fact, this is even similar to the language used by tyrannies in the Middle East against Westerners and Israel. The “If we leave, then reactionists/Islamists/sharia will take over the rulership” expression became the right-wing expression’s biggest argument in Turkey.

Occasionally, there had been some prices that Greece, who had been established by the support of imperialism, was obliged to pay. Their provocation for the sake of Megalo Idea by the Brits, as they invaded Anatolia, and their casting off following that… You can sense the traumatic anger of the Greek Minister, for being cast off again…. As the most radical political movement is trying to remain standing via some kind of blackmail, the EU is pursuing a project to make a tamed partner out of this radical political movement…

Yes, carrying a borrowed mission is not easy; but being a Greek in these days is not that easy either.

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