Some thoughts about the anniversary of July 15

Despite having close to 250 martyrs and thousands of injured on July 15th, thanks to God this bloody process has also been eliminated.

Some thoughts about the anniversary of July 15

Erhan Erken - Turkey

A full year has passed since the coup attempt on July 15, one of the most important turning points in our history. This nation, which had previously experienced such events as 27 May, 12 March, 12 September, 28 February post-modern coup d'etat and April 27 e-memorandum, completely eliminated a new coup attempt a year ago.

The upright posture of the then Prime Minister ( in that time Tayyip Erdoğan ) and the government after the of 27 April memorandum was the first and most important challenge to the forces that demanded the continuation of the military guardianship system. The 17-25 legal coup attempt can also be considered as a kind of political takeover. This was also dismissed with a serious resistance.

Despite having close to 250 martyrs and thousands of injured on July 15th, thanks to God this bloody process has also been eliminated. 

We pray for mercy to those who have passed away and wish for a quick recovery to those who remain wounded. We wish to heal wounded. We commemorate the anniversary year with respect to this incident.

We can summarize some of the effects of 15 July in the following way:

1 / The state of anxiety in society has on occasion, reached exaggerated levels.

This abominable event has been passed for now, but it seems that the uneasiness brought to the the general population will  with us for quite some time.On the one hand, this situation can be regarded as a partly positive situation because it will allow for the public to remain on alert. On the other hand, uneasiness can also lead to the delay of many permanent projects if things are not in balance.

Constant tension can trigger the feeling of procrastinating many issues that lead to delay. tThis can lead to loss of time for socially beneficial work.

In addition, uncertainty can affect the future economically and the socially favorable expectations of the society. For this reason, it must be kept for a brief as time as possible.

For this reason, we can keep in mind that as a society it is important to at least some of the community must be vigilant and keep these measures at the maximum level, but it is also important to avoid social stimuli by exaggerated publications.

2 / There was distrust among people due to hypocrisy

The corrupted FETO movement, unfortunately,  was a a serious insecurity that was like a seed among the individuals in society. This group has used a variety  of methods known to be precaution and hypocrisy.  That is to say, much like a chameleon, they appear to portray one image whilst being another. This truly is such a bad thing that these tactics have caused people in society to be distrustful of one another.

However, the advice of 'being at one with your words and how you appear’ , 'seeing as it is, or being as you see' must never be neglected as one of the basic dynamics for our society.

3 / The lack of personality turned out to be one of the most important features of this movement. This point cannot be emphasised enough.

In the past, the points summarized above or those who attempted a coup, from one point of view  could be considered to be brave. Whether they succeed or failed, they stood up and owned up to their own actions.

Until the last days of the  Kenan Evren era, a very important part of the society did not approve the activities of the September 12, although they stood behind their actions. .

The example of  General Talat Aydemir (1960’s) is a point in example that I encountered in an article the other day reveals this clearly. After the coup attempt, Talat Aydemir said in court, 'If I am released  and I get the chance, I'll hit you again'. For this reason, he was subject to capital punishment.

But the movement of the FETO is considered to be a bootleg wrestling structure. On the one hand, he says comfortably, "we have nothing to do with the  coup", with the captives playing the oppressed role, even those who are almost as clear as the day claim that "no, I do not have anything" with the coup, but underhandedly continue in their work.

4 / It is dangerous that the important part of the top team is abroad. This issue must be solved.

Most of the team at the top was able to escape abroad in various ways, which can be view as an important danger. At the very top of the  FETO movement, the lower and upper heads of this malice should be neutralized as soon as possible so that the lower level ones can be solved more easily. This is an important test of our leaders. Of course, I also believe that this test is not easy at all.

This movement has been a tool of foreign powers, and they are constantly trying to test the waters of this country from abroad. They would have handled the government of the country, God forbid, so that they would sell the motherland completely. In particular we must see and be able to show what a leader cadre we have, one that cannot break away from his own people.

5 / This movement has made it impossible for a certain period of time to use the significant number of young people the nation has raised in 25-30 years.

This movement has wiped out an important human element that the country has grown over the past 25-30 years, and has almost prevented them from working for the country for a longer time. If the foreign powers made such an effort for many years, they  could not have done so much damage to the human element of our country. This damage was able to be achieved, in part, by an activity that grew from within ourselves and penetrated almost all elements of society. Very careful analysis of this event is a vital necessity.

6 / This attempt partially weakened our economic strength, leading to a loss of  companies and capital

This act partially hampers the capital of the country, its companies and its economic power. Firms closed down, capital investments weakened. A large part of it fled abroad. Are they not the capital of this country?

The people who have partnered with  these companies with good intentions have also suffered. Many of the people and companies that have contacted the organisations of this movement that have used many facilities of the State for some time, are in fact a great suffering without the development of the government. This wound cumulatively returned to us again as a blow to the wealth of the country.

7 / The image of the Turkish Army was wounded.

The Turkish army is a trusted elemen within our societyt and a hope for both our country and our region and  for the oppressed. They also attempted to injure this setup.

The Turkish Army, an important force of the country and the region, suffered a serious wound with this attempt.More than 200 high ranking generals were taken out of the system. The doubt is still there. This vulnerability is a situation that has the potential to weaken the army, which we have great hopes for both domestically and internationally.  God willing we overcame this with little damage. But it cannot be said that he did not do damage.

8 / The congregation  ( Cemaat) concept was damaged.

According to our  belief, being a community is important. Even when praying, it is expressed in our doctrine  that it is 27 times more rewarding to pray with a congregation.

As a result of this movement, the congregation in the country also suffered to a certain extent. For the people who are part of the community, it has brought a negative stain  and has left a question marks in their efforts.

Of course, those who have been uncomfortable with these developments for years and are have now joined hands and  are trying to penetrate the vacant space. It is important to pay particular attention to this point.

This movement has been trying to do activities with different intentions for years, and the groups connected to the this are in an effort see themselves as pure as the driven snow.  We should not even take our attention away from them for even a moment. One day, however, the victims of this  disease can become more harmful than FETO itself.

9 /  They have polluted the “hodja”  image.

A significant portion of the people of this country have become hated by the movies with the 'hit-and-smitten' theme. This image was finally being eliminated from society. Because of their treachery, now the “hodja’s” have become looked upon as doubtful. How are they going to  account for this?

Our Prophet Hz. Muhammed (a.s) was a man whom Mecca militants were entrusted with, even when he was going to Hijrah, and delivered his trusts. (El Emin)

People have delivered their sons to the FETO organizations, believing them to be sincere. They gave their zakat, their alms. Unfortunately, they use these values ​​against my country. They have betrayed something that was entrusted to them.

10 / There is a significant number of people abroad ( out of Turkey)  who are being used against this country for a long time.

We have to try to regain some of them in some way. In this process, it is our call of duty to do so, and we must  have our eyes wide open for any open and hidden danger.

11 / As a result of this coup attempt, the true friends and enemies of this country in the international arena have been clearly revealed once more.

The foreign powers have now clearly applied their activities against this  country quite openly whereas in the past it was done undercover. Because they were so sure of their success, they were recklessly openhanded. These foreign forces, which were exposed when the President's determined attitude, the efforts of the prudent part of the security forces and the heroic resistance of our people overturned the entire attempted couphave tried to renew their confidence within the countryagain in different ways. It is very important for us to note all these sections carefully

These treacheries remind us of some things

1 / Movements based on authentic information should be important to principles, not motivational movements.

If a person says they are a "Muslim" and sees himself or herself as scholar, leader or leader in this frame, he must definitely explain this situation according to our authentic sources.

The golden rule in Islamic doctrine is that the sources of information which are not bound to the book and the Sunnah are not valid.  "The inspiration came to me” or “I saw the Prophet in the dream (a.s), and he said to me" expressions can only connect the person themselves. It is not binding for others. We have learned once more in these events how vital this provision is.

2 / Everyone, and especially the community leaders and the movements they create, should be supervised.

Hz. Omar (second  Khalifa)  in a sermon, once asked the congregation, “ How would you act if I made a mistake?”

Somebody in the congregation walked up and said, “I would straighten your hair with my sword”

Hz. Omar as pleased with this stern and upright man that seemed similar to himself.

This approach is very important. The inspection mechanism is not a matter of discomfort for people and groups who are confident in themselves and their direction. On the contrary, it is essential for the healthy operation of the mechanisms. From the smallest unit to the largest organization like the government, we have to create a very tight control mechanism in each area.

This was successfully applied in earlier times. In the structure of Turkish Islamic guilds, 'the approach falling from popular esteem” should be applied with care today, no matter what its position, no one should be judged except by this rule

3 / We should be able to raise people who have reason, think, inquire, compare and have confidence.

Our Prophet Hz. Muhammed (pbuh) is very important. 'Watch out from who you take your religion. We should apply this rule everywhere.

For this a questioning educational system is important. We believe that an approach that continually investigates, is confident, uses the goodness of God which Allah has bestowed upon us  to better interpret the right knowledge, and which does not give in to those outside of the faith is necessary.

4 / A sense of justice. It is very important to keep justice on top of everything and to act on it.

Those who hold guns against gatherings do not have the right to beg for mercy. But these treacherous groups are trying to confuse the target and open the way for the young to burn. In this regard, both the administrative staff and our people must be be vigilant. (we know that they  but we are using this sentence to highlight an important point here again).

If there is confusion and the sense of justice is lost, this will cause long-term damage.

Traitors will attempt to gain justice to escape by using their money and influence. Attention to this point is very important. There is evidence to show that there are some troubles in this issue. I hope that this situation will improve over time.

I believe it will be easier to clean up with an early election and I would recommend it as a citizen. At this point, we must believe in the common sense of our people.

5 / With this incident, it appeared once more that we should not trust our young people.

In the past, there has been a wide variety of opinions regarding our youth. This youth has been criticized for being losing quality, not working, not making an effort.

What happened to us showed us what a great homeland love and martyrdom is in the hearts of our young people who we do not like (!). An ancient proverb that says that there  is a silver lining to a calamity is very apt here.

Perhaps  this was a good thing for our nation when we look at it from the above point. In our education system, love for the motherland was taught and this showed itself during this incident.

How can the 15 July spirit be channeled to the right and beneficial areas?

It is very important to channel this spirit, which emerged with the 15 July resistance and success, into the right places. Society can be kept alive for a certain period of time. But this is not going to happen forever. It is important that our people are educated well.

We can list some of the points that may be mentioned at this point.

An inquisitive and questioning educational attitude is of utmost importance.

Faithful and idealist

Having a knowledge of religion that can be obtained from authentic sources

Awareness of history

Aiming to reach a certain quality in the field of culture and art

Being able to think strategically

Those who strive to think not only about this country but concern for the world as well 

This requires a human element that is capable of increasing  both general knowledge and a superior anguage level.

In addition:

In higher education the level of quality doctoral staff must be increased rapidly.

The knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for the profession they are trying to possess must be passed on to our young people and employees.

Training of the working population should be developed very quickly. (Today, unfortunately, about 16 million of our 27 million workforce have a secondary school level education)

We have to raise generations that can compete with the West in all areas.

The middle income trap is exceeded in this way. Desired and widely expressed cultures and civilizations can only be achieved in this way.

In addition, we must constantly emphasize the importance of the following points for ourselves and others.

We must be transparent,

We should not hold  secret agendas,

We must compete in acts of charity

"We love the Creator and loving all of God’s creation should be our basic philosophy.

We must always keep the concept of others rights  as a dominant approach in society. People should observe not only their own interests, but the absolute rights of others above all else. (They must abstain from the violation of others’ rights and the rights of the public).

It should not be forgotten that the failures that arise in these areas prepare grounds and justifications for injustice and illegality for others....

To be in touch with some points about economic structure;

The coup attempt and its high level installation, to absorb our press can only be eliminated with a strong economy as well as a higher qualified personnel. A strong economy can be achieved with an economic structure oriented towards production rather than consumption. Unfortunately, the current economic approach, which is prevalent in our country, cannot reach a level of development in a real sense. This area also needs to be seriously remobilized, despite being late in the game.

State investments can only play a triggering role in the economic system.

To revitalize the true entrepreneurial spirit is to increase the economic investments made by individuals together with  partnerships. It is imperative that these economic investments be shifted to more strategic sectors and areas.

Instead of making easy money for the country's entrepreneurs, it is essential that they are directed towards areas that are more challenging  but add value to the country. 

In a country where there is  high interest, a corrosive bureaucracy and the entrepreneur is viewed suspiciously, it is very important that we are able to perform very productive activities in these areas.

For this, the state's encouragement is necessary but it is insufficient. Individuals need to be in the front. We are aware of the fact  there are people watching closely who know that we still cannot achieve the desired level in this area today.

In summary, an education system that emphasizes these basic approaches can allow for a better level of conomic structure society. Our people have become competitors in charity.

We need to think bigger, a system that is appropriate for this idea needs to be in place, and reach individuals who will undertake this burden. Only then can it be possible to achieve the goals we have repeatedly and placed in front of the community.

May Allah never let such days of suffering happen again in our society.


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