The Phenomenon of DAESH: A treacherous Imperial design

Whilst DAESH is a US creation, it is evident that it serves the British interest and aims to destabilise the remaining stable states in the region

The Phenomenon of DAESH: A treacherous Imperial design

Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami-India

Since the much-hyped Mosul takeover by the DAESH in June 2014, the notorious outfit has been making news all over the world. The group had captured sizeable land in Iraq and Syria, though it is reportedly on hasty retreat from past some time. They are also fighting to establish a land base in Libya and some other places. DAESH also carried out massive terrorist attacks in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Turkey, France and Belgium.

Warring sides in Syria, and to some extent in Iraq, are blaming each other for being supporter of the group. The whole world-- from US to Russia and from Saudi Arabia to Iran-- now claims to be fighting against the DAESH as it used to fight against al-Qaeda some time back.

The group which is being maliciously labelled as an anti-Shia has, in-fact, killed much more Sunnis than the Shias. It is not clear when and who has changed the name of the group’s leader from Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai to Abu-bakr al-Baghdadi. It might possibly be the handiwork of the grand masters of the chess board to further widen the Shia-Sunni sectarian divide in the already divided region.

Given the group’s hatred for Saudis and Turks and its suicide bombing attacks in both the countries clearly signal that the DAESH is neither Saudi nor Turkey- backed group. It has been perpetuating great harm to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. In fact, it has gained most of the ground in Syria by crushing Saudi and Turkey- backed rebel groups. Saudis and Turks have funded rebel forces that have fought both Assad and Daesh, both the Turks and the Saudis have national interests in ensuring that the Syria revolution should not be destroyed by Assad, Iran and Russia on the false pretext of fighting with DAESH.

Strangely DAESH has no visible friends in the neighborhood of Iraq and Syria. This is a strange case where a militant group has established its rule on the sizeable landmass, and is fighting everyone, including all the neighboring states and all other rebel groups, including former Nusra Front (now Jabhat fateh al-Sham), an Al Qaeda affiliate. The group has attacked Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Lebanon. Interestingly, no DAESH attack inside the Iran and Israel has so far been reported.

It is true that most of DAESH’s initial military force consists of former officers and soldiers of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi armed forces who were cleansed from the state apparatus by sectarian US-Iran backed Jaferi and Maliki regimes in Iraq on the name of debathification. DAESH found readily available battle- hardened Sunni officers and soldiers from the defunct army of Saddam Hussein. U S and Iran have purged them in the name of de-bathification, which actually turned out to be de-sunnification of the post-US invasion Iraq.

In Iraq, there was a void, and DAESH filled that empty space and gave a platform to the heightened Sunni resentment against the US-Iran backed rabid sectarian Maliki regime. Ideally, DAESH should have aligned with Sunni Kurds and Turkmen of Iraq and forged a Sunni unity. But, it could not forge even a Sunni Arab unity in Iraq. DAESH killed the opposing Sunni Arab tribes. A group is expected to forge alliances for strategic maneuvering and strengthening political support base. In all possibilities, DAESH actually disintegrated the Sunnis in Iraq.

In Syria also, DAESH took a distinct path. Nationalist-Atheist Kurdish group, mainly PKK allied YPG/PYD, might not be ideal for alliance but there were numerous anti Assad groups in Syria to ally with. Instead of creating a unified command, the fighters of DAESH decided to fight with all other rebel groups. DAESH also went through a long undeclared ceasefire with the Assad regime during which both fought the rebels.

Astonishingly, never in the history was such a free travel movement permitted from Europe to far away war zones; the wave of educated Muslim youths was calculatedly allowed to travel to Syria and Iraq to join DAESH.

DAESH in its statement condemned the most popular pan-Islamic movement, Muslim Brotherhood. Not surprisingly, the terror group has also vowed to crush Palestinian resistance movement HAMAS in Gaza. DAESH has also openly challenged the Talibans in Afghanistan.

There were numerous videos of DAESH killing appeared on internet, including beheading of 21 Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach, brutal execution of US photo journalist James Foley and the burning of Jordanian fighter pilotMuath al-Kasasbeh. According to the experts, much of the videos appear to have been manipulated.

All the militant groups who rule certain territory are built upon strong military and political patronage from neighbouring countries. DAESHI is distinct in this respect also. They are fighting almost all the neighbouring countries. The group is also without political leadership.

All these ominous features make this group highly suspicious; its only agenda has been to create confusion and chaos and change the narrative of popular uprising against oppression into brutal terror description. The DAESH with all its distinct pattern of brutal acts has emerged as a big distraction from the real struggle of the Middle Eastern region in the post-Arab awakening, which was aimed at attaining liberation from dictatorship and the birth of real democratic movements.

The agenda of DAESH perfectly serves the broader schemes of the Anglo-Saxon Empire. It gives a new punching bag to continue their immoral and unethical ‘war on terror’ for few more years and further destabilize the remaining stable Muslim states and create chaos where ordinary people sink in to the deep confusion in determining between good and evil, between right causes and wrong effects. To further push the already confused Muslims of the world on back foot.

With the emergence of DAESH, new contours of separation have already been formed on sectarian and ethnic lines to further disintegrate the region with the new Sykes-Picot.

Again, it is difficult to believe that the way DAESH had launched the Mosul operation went out undetected from US’ formidable satellite imagery, electronic surveillance and human intelligence.

Both the al-Qaeda and the DAESH are invariably American creations, whether they were created in Tora Bora hills in Afghanistan or in Iraq’s camp Bucca. Interestingly, the other terror groups which are also known to be American designed like Al-Shabab and Boko-Haram in Africa and the factions of Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Afghanistan –Pakistan quickly gave their allegiance to DAESH. DAESH is being used and abused to reinvigorate Islamophobia and further placement Muslim masses under the apologist besieged mindset, provide narrow-minded Muslim dictators and sectarian rulers a new punching bag to execute their vicious schemes. Even if the DAESHI is completely defeated and the landmass is recaptured, the phenomenon will last till the accomplishment of the imperialistic goal behind its creation.

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