Time of 'apes and pigs'

Loss of knowledge causes an unconscious countermeasure resulting in antithesis of truth that manifests itself in words and actions far from the original meaning

Time of 'apes and pigs'

Ismail Bardhi/World Bulletin

“... those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut (false deities)” (al-Maidah, 60)

That which is lacking in the present world is a profound knowledge of the nature of things.
Frithjof Schuon

Sadly, everything is a fraud. It seems as the future is mocking us.
Lord Byron

One of the basic symptoms of the setting of a given culture is the loss of the knowledge about the meanings of contents of that culture in the consciousness of its guardians and promoters. As the approach in all periods of decadence proves this the culture, signs, symbols and ideas continue to exist thanks to the simple inertia in material transmission, but the conscience of the contemporaries of those periods is ever farther from the possibility of knowing the basic meanings of the contents of transmission. Hence, for example, the multiplicity of errors made by the stone-carvers of the symbols and signs on the monuments of the last period of ancient cultures clearly proves that those people, like their employers, the clergy, didn’t know the meaning of what they were transmitting.

This phenomenon of loss of the meanings causes an unconscious countermeasure: the period of decadence is characterized by the extraordinary intellectual effort oriented towards the penetration into the meanings of the contents of the culture. All in vain! In vain because all debates, often harsh as they are, about the meanings only accelerate the processes of departure from those very meanings. And since, in such cases, the speculative capacities of soul try to compensate the forgetfulness of the being, instead of knowledge about the original meanings, the freedom of arbitrariness of the soul leads to infinity of fantastic and weird figures which are often antithesis of truth.

Such hermeneutic passion contributes in spreading and accelerating the process of decadence, since its exhausts all energies, including those necessary for creation. Instead of accelerating its present, instead of preparing itself for the future, the culture of decadence is entirely turned back by the debates on the meanings of contents of the past. Thus the culture of the last period of Roman Empire is marked by the multiplicity of grammarians, rhetoric, scribes and classifiers. By analogy, the modern culture too is marked by dominance of analytical and introspective disciplines: semiology, psychoanalysis, structuralism, hermeneutics and the new rhetoric, semantics, linguistics, and so on. This shift of culture’s main gravity towards analytical and introspective disciplines responds accurately to the risk contained by the phenomenon of evanescence of the meanings, although the result is quite opposite to those unconscious goals of the last energies of the culture in setting. It’s about the phenomenon that Ernst Jünger has defined with terms: “the world as a meaning in decline”. In such a world of meanings in decline the main condition for existence is the absurd. According to Camus, in the world of the absurd man is “a stranger that doesn’t recognize himself”. To paraphrase a saying of Democritus, man is a consequence of the “game” between necessity and absurd. The laws of necessity are unknown, or have lost all of their meanings in modern man’s conscience, those meanings that the philosophers of the antiquity have ordered so as to advice man to lead his life in harmony with the nature. Thus, the absurd remains, or: one can’t be sure about his future, because it could resemble to Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Thus, the absurd precludes the recognition of major risks, by exhausting the energies that could do away with those risks. The irony of fate is that absurd is the first sign of danger that the conscience guided towards the recognition of the universe of dangers may encounter.

Let us take a break for a moment and think about those words steaming from the sincere heart, like: “there is God”, “He sees and judges for everything”, “may you find it from God”, “May God punish you!”, “God is Great”, “I rely on God”. These are words which are spoken even when they are not heard, and recently I’m grasping the meanings of these words through the eyes, through the looks and the torment of the pictures of countless refugees. Let us not forget that there are many children, women and elders among them... Of course, it is also a consequence of the crisis of mind, of the soul, of man’s “death”, of the time of “robotics”, time of fear, of punishment, of manipulation in the name of God, time of fraud and deception of various kinds, time of continuous forgiveness of the sins. Hence, all this horror that encompasses my mind and soul at present reminds me of the time of “apes and pigs”.

I would like to restate that in writing these lines I was forced by this situation with the refugees, the image of their painful and terrifying suffering, their endless travail, as we can all see. But, in all this horrifying images how can one understand the statement of the former Prime-Minister of Bulgaria, who says: “if Bulgaria is forced to receive refugees, the first condition would be to baptize them!!!” It is the same case with Hungary too, where many state officials, for example their Prime-Minister say that they should be careful toward the issue of refugees, since they belong to a different religion (although “his” religion is a heavenly one, as Islam is), so they continue raising walls and fences... The same is true of Macedonia, which although small wants to become “great”, like the above-mentioned countries and some others. Of course, all this needs no comment, but the most important issue here is what is going on with the “white” man? He is only causing fear and terror, which we have already witnessed and still continue to witness. Such a demand, such a world-view, such a mentality doesn’t exist even in the animal world. Above all, these refugees are not the cause for the war in their countries, quite the opposite, and this is something universally recognized.

Speaking of fear and terror, when we read the holy scriptures, we encounter the great and harsh punishments that took place in “the past”: the time of Noah; Sodom and Gomorrah (Ad and Thamud); the Exile and alike; various events mentioned by the Qur’an when people were punished only because they have fought the truth, concealed the truth, “appropriated” the truth in the name of untruth. The Qur’an, for instance, reminds us: “Then see what was the end of those who were warned (but heeded not).” (As-Saffaat, 73); “And (remember) Lout (Lot), when he said to his people: “Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Alamin (mankind and jinns)? “Verily, you practice your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins).” (Al-A’Raf, 80-81). To some, because they were unjust in measuring and weighing, came the punishment: “And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with a balance that is straight. That is good (advantageous) and better in the end.” (al-Isra, 35). To some, although they got from God whatever they wanted, but since they showed disrespect for what they were ordered with, came the punishment: “And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be apes, despised’.” (al-Baqarah, 65). So, again, several essential questions arise: to what extent we are following God’s ordinances? How are we practicing the teachings of the holy scriptures? Where is justice today?

We should never take or understand the punishment in its historical context, because the punishment is what it is and it doesn’t depend on a person or date, but on a sin. Maybe due to such interpretation a dry philosophy may emerge that says: Does God really punish? If He does so, than we have no chance of being delivered. Both are true, because we are talking about God, the Creator of the Universe, Who in His acting doesn’t ask anyone, because the key to everything is in His hand. He says for Himself: I am One and I have 99 names-attributes; And: I forgive to whom I desire, and do not forgive to whom I desire. And one thing is certain: He protects the Truth, He punishes and rewards for the Truth justly, because among His names are the Just and the Truth. When I mentioned above the “time of apes and pigs”, I had in mind, to a certain degree, the writings of mythology and figures they present, as well as on the existing art, and all of that proves that something similar has happened in the past and is still happening today. In many pre-historical images we see distorted human figures: half human-half horse, half human-half bull, the mermaids etc., up to today’s cartoons which make children climb on TV-screens, from where they are advised, among others, by apes and pigs.

Don’t we recall the past, when man experienced the horrors of the various revolutions, which seems only to have changed their names, but which still continue: there was the “French” one, which promoted freedom, equality and, and on the other hand it opposed the teachings of the Church, of religion, and thus created a supportive politics dominating in the world. And lately we read that that revolution was a sort of failure, and the Church, or the religious institutions, complain about it. In this regard I would like to say that Islam also complained, although from a large geographical distance, but since we, the Europeans, have allergy of it, we say leave it aside. So what happened, it happened something that turned people into “despised apes”, as the Qur’an says. Didn’t we witness the latest “monkey business” with “Charlie Hebdo”? Everybody “won” in the name of war against “terrorism”: someone got employed, someone got promoted, popularized, someone got rich in millions of Euros and so on, only the terror remained, because there was not any intention to fight terror, but the intention was to play game with man, to deceive him, in the monkey style: throw the stone and hide the hand. We also witnessed the “great” socialist October’s revolution from the beginning of the 20th century, the one that “liberated” countries, states, installed presidents, interior ministers, but whose main objective was to fight religion. How did it achieve that? With tens of millions dead: it killed as it pleased philosophers, historians, scientists, priests, imams, mothers with veil and smart children. Decades had to pass before people understood the content of that “October”, and in its case too it was proven that those who serve the evil are ashamed by time. Why? Because they sold their minds, souls, they helped terror so today we have countless undiscovered graves, destroyed and flooded villages and settlements just like in the time of Prophet Noah. All these were seen in Albania too, where today intellectuals are experiencing that punishment within themselves, according to what I mentioned above: “there is God!” Some keep quite because of shame, and some speak shamelessly, but they experience the time and punishment of apes and pigs. Orwell has described them well as “pigs and dogs”.

Well, aren’t we experiencing many things that are not matching with reality, at a time when we have eagerly and strongly fought, and are still fighting” for “democracy”!?! What has this democracy given to us? Beside deception – nothing else! Today’s democracy has turned more and more into an enslaving slavery, since it tries to put everything under control: it has penetrated in our inwardness, in our secrecy, it has taken away from us even that freedom that we had in our rooms, when we used to write, namely when good intellectuals were writing their great works. Precisely as in the time of the pharaoh, it wants to stop or control even the dreams. For this reason, since the world of dreams and the joy of dreams have perished, of course the pharaoh too has taken a new shape and today he buys publishing houses, buys the media, TV-channels, creates a “Fashion TV” and everybody, I mean everybody speaks highly in support of the hidden “democratic” goals of various corporations. They say: we determine, we set-up, we support and we remove presidents and governments. Isn’t this happening in reality? But it doesn’t end here, because they go as far as to plan and initiate wars, “states” and “khilafahs”. They try even to control the heavenly religions. This among us, Albanians, has turned into a mafia shaped rule. Isn’t this the time of “apes and pigs”?
As for the religion, here we also face a great problem, because this time, this “democracy” is trying to “democratize” religion, not for the sake of accepting or renouncing religion, but for the sake of controlling it. You have, for example, the picture of that perverse “khilafah”, one that is far from any religious teachings, let alone the teachings of Islam. To put it clearly: it is an un-Islamic “khilafah”. Their kind of action is not only against the Muslims, since in fact the sincere Muslims are suffering from it, of course in line with the “secret” agenda: strike the Muslims anywhere in the world, but it is against man itself. Again man is a target. What is this? How can we understand it except to say that we have turned into “apes and pigs”?

Today’s democracy has stifled the spirit of Dostoyevsky, the spirit of Tolstoy, it has stifled the spirit of Kafka, it has stifled Spinoza, it has stifled Cheslav Milosh, it has stifled Ana Frank, it has stifled both the church and the mosque. It continues stifling, it has turned intellectuals into a machinery that only produces without knowing what. However, for me personally it has been more difficult to hear some scholars asking me: What do you think about today’s democracy? My reply was: sincerely, there is too much freedom; everybody is free, only God has been “imprisoned” (hasha) by democracy, because it doesn’t listen to Him at all and, as Hans Kung has put it, it has made the Church stronger in Europe so as to issue religious decrees without relying on sacred religious teachings, in fact by hiding the religious truths and by distorting them, for the sake of “democracy” alone.

Is it not a deception by democracy the modern fight for animals’ rights? We all see so many animal programs, let alone the great expenses made in this regard, with an aim to show believers as animal haters. It has been gone so far that even on TV-shows about “mating” among questions which marriage candidates ask each-other are: Do you love animals? I have a cat at home, do you love cats? I have few dogs at home, do you love them? The poor guy has come to the show to find a mate and she asks him such questions. It seems that this is the reason why our homes today are full of animals. But, the worst of all is what this pressure causes, or what does a man under such pressure do: he wants to punish the animals, to take their freedom, so in many cases animals are neutered. Here, too, we are being deceived in a strange way, because believers, who do not agree with such a “fashion”, and in spite of their awareness for having responsibility towards animals, are labeled by the media as animal “terrorists”. Alas! Man has never been so much enslaved as in this time of “freedom” – a time of “pigs and apes” indeed.

Only to fulfill this picture, we may read and hear that in this West where democracy “flourishes”, it happens that a demand by Muslim believers for a vital need like, for example, the need for cemeteries is being denied. So, in this West where large parcels of public land are being destined for cat cemeteries, dog cemeteries (I believe in the future we will have crocodile cemeteries, horse cemeteries and so on), Muslims are denied of that. How can we respond to such picture, except by saying, indeed a time of “apes and pigs”?!?

Something that was once done to the Jews, today it seems that is being done to the Muslims, who are marked with similar signs. Is it possible that the holocaust that took place at the heart of Europe has been forgotten so quickly, where with massive, most powerful support an unforgettable genocide against an entire population was executed? Everyone participated in it, and today they are not able to warn that very population to take heed from such a past, but they all wait for time to pass and to say, as it is our tradition – time does its due. This too is the kind of attitude “become apes; become pigs”.

There is another phenomenon for which the holy scriptures speak, and that is the sexual degeneration, and at this time, by this “democracy”, we are accused in a undemocratic manner for non-democracy, backwardness, and as anti-humans. Why? Only because believers do not agree with such degeneration, according to their religious norms. Now excuse me for not wanting “your gift” that you want to give me in the name of democracy, because I don’t accept marriages of the same sex. You want to punish believers, you are trying to punish the religion too only because men love women, and women love men and because they demand marriages between different sexes. And you are imposing upon us such degeneration as if it is a new “product”, although there were such deviations in the past too, and because of that an entire nation perished. Given all this, how can one go so far as to impose on countries in various international declarations and agreements that they can not be part of Europe if they oppose such marriages? This is a humiliation for man! How can you humiliate man so much, embarrass him, kill him in the name of “democracy”. Isn’t this the time of “apes and pigs”?!? As pigs of Orwell’s farm say: we are against those who walk on two feet!

The same injustice is done to women, because you are not interested at all what biology says about them: the love itself, the knowledge of love and the male/female human dignity have been turned into a pornographic machinery. The result of this is nothing else but human trafficking and white slavery. We speak of democracy, but we “forget” that here to we deceive: we have taken away women’s time; we have taken away men’s time; we have made family life barren, because we have forced marital couple to work to the maximum, not to have time to think about life, about love, about children and thus made them to live in fear and for fear, thinking every night how they “bosses” could fire them. Aren’t these moments that sterilize man?!?

Now, more as a reflection, I ask where are religious institutions in all this, knowing that religious teachings of the holy scriptures continuously call us to be careful towards the signs of time, not to allow Satan’s deception and submission to him. How is it possible that they want to abuse this sacred, intangible area? It is time to think most seriously and to take lessons from the past and to know that Islam is a religion of peace, of a complete humanism that recognizes the naturalness of nature and prevents injustice, that it doesn’t mind about disbelief, nor about the non-veiling, nor about the one who can’t get married, nor about the animals, nor about the humanized science, nor about the planet in which we are living, except what it hates mostly – the injustice and fitnah! And doesn’t the injustice and fitnah prevail in this time of “apes and pigs”?!?


Güncelleme Tarihi: 08 Ekim 2016, 17:30