Turkey's loss of UNSC bid exposes the nexus of hypocrites

The UN vote loss is directly connected to Turkey’s moral and people-friendly policies in the wake of Arab uprisings against pathetic dictatorships

Turkey's loss of UNSC bid exposes the nexus of hypocrites

Mohammad Pervez Bilgrami

When hypocrites of the world join hands on an issue, the result is always the loss of ethics, morals and principles. Turkey’s unsuccessful bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is an example of how the nexus of hypocrites works at international forums. This event also shows how the wicked get united to restrain a country that calls a spade a spade.

Turkey lost its bid to Spain in the third round of voting through a secret ballot, securing 60 votes while the winner received 132 votes. Turkey was competing for one of the two seats allocated to the so-called Western European and Others Group in which New Zealand won a place in the first round with 145 votes.

The villains in this game are well-known. The Saudi tribal regime and its Egyptian military junta client were actively campaigning against Turkey. Then there is Iran’s clerical regime, which is so blinded by sectarian hatred that it cannot trust anyone. War merchants of the European Union, Russia and the United States have their own agendas. This menagerie of hypocrites enjoys conflicts and chaos so much that they are willing to suffer big losses themselves in the pursuit of their destructive agendas.
The vote did not come as a surprise to the watchers of regional politics, which denied Turkey, the world’s major humanitarian aid provider, the non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council. It is a true reflection of the state of affairs at the 193-member UN, where the five permanent members of the UNSC want to hold on to the status quo and monopolize power.

The UN vote loss is directly connected to Turkey’s moral and people-friendly policies in the wake of Arab uprisings against pathetic dictatorships. Turkish policies have directly harmed the core of the Arab world’s monarchs and despots, who are no different from the 20th century clients of Lawrence of Arabia. Today they have become toys in the hands of global colonial forces and Zionism, disregarding the interests of their people in whose name they claim to rule.

Turkey continues to vehemently opposes the Egyptian coup regime, and wants the brutal Al Assad regime in Damascus to go. It worked to get rid of Iraq’s sectarian Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki. These policies are obviously like nettles in Saudi and Iranian regime pants. Moscow and Washington represent the mindset that led to two world wars and many other conflicts around the world.

Turkey has been vocal in criticizing regional dictators and their global backers. This is not going to change. Turkey’s principles are paramount and they cannot be compromised for a UN panel’s membership.

While the merchants of war and imperial powers are busy destroying country after country, their regional lackeys are doing their best to harm their own countries and keep their populations suppressed. These undignified myopic despots are happy with the trappings of power that their global masters allow them. Unable to pursue policies that represent the aspirations of their people, these despots are happy to conspire against Turkey. They do not understand the perils of their immature actions, though.

Today the world is witnessing great geo-strategic power shifts. Prudence and long-term thinking is required on behalf of Middle Eastern countries. It won’t pay to play churlish political games.

Some Arab states have ganged up against Turkey for peculiar reasons. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are unable to digest Turkey’s principled stand on the Sisi coup. Iran is unhappy with the Turkish stand against their client Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria. Turkey cannot condone sectarianism whether in Syria, Iraq or any other place. The US and its Western allies come from thousands of miles away and expect Turkey to serve their regional agenda of resource loot and establishing political and cultural domination. These irrational people obviously do not care how the masses in the region feel and what their aspirations are.

Disregarding the nexus of hypocrites, Turkey must continue its policies that serve the region’s people and bring them together, economically, culturally and politically. Turkey has emerged as a country that pays attention to popular voices. From Tunisia to Egypt and from Syria to Yemen, Turkey must stand by the people and their struggles. Turkey’s actions in helping people suffering from conflicts are the biggest testimony of its good intentions. Where other countries come to loot resources, Turkey spends its resources on rebuilding war-torn places and in providing relief and shelter to the victims of conflicts.

Unlike some self-appointed champions of human rights, Turkey doesn’t do cosmetic jobs at helping people by issuing token visas or organising aid projects for publicity. Turkey’s aid efforts have helped millions of people live dignified lives. The Turkish government and people’s actions are driven by larger humanitarian considerations that the world’s war profiteers cannot understand. For the hypocrites, their little UN Security Council games are a matter of life and death.
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