3 Israelis nabbed for selling Hamas material for rockets

Three Israeli nationals have been accused of “providing raw materials directly to Hamas for the benefit of manufacturing rockets, missiles and other armaments.”

3 Israelis nabbed for selling Hamas material for rockets
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Three Israeli businessmen have been arrested for smuggling raw material – allegedly used by Hamas to manufacture rockets – into the blockaded Gaza Strip, Israeli police said Monday.

"A gag order was lifted on Monday on news pertaining to the dangerous and controversial case of three Israeli businessmen who have critically harmed Israeli security," Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

The trio, Samri said, had "smuggled raw materials into the Gaza Strip to be used by Hamas for the manufacture of rockets and a variety of other weapons in return for money."

A weeks-long joint investigation – carried out by the Israeli police, the Shin Bet (Israeli's domestic security agency) and the Israeli tax authority – led to the indictment of the three businessmen on Monday, Samri added.

"They were arrested on suspicions of selling and transporting goods proscribed from entering Gaza; goods used by terrorist organizations to rebuild their infrastructure – destroyed during [last summer's] Operation Protective Edge – in return for large sums of money," the police spokeswoman said.

The material was smuggled, she added, "using shell companies founded by the three businessmen despite previous warnings against selling this type of material to Gaza merchants."

Samri, however, stopped short of revealing exactly what material the trio has been charged with smuggling.

In July and August of last year, more than 2,160 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed – and some 11,000 injured – during a devastating Israeli military onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli offensive left behind a trail of destruction, leveling numerous homes, hospitals, schools and public facilities.

Israel considers Hamas a "terrorist organization."


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