Abbas says 'no need for third Palestinian Intifada'

In an interview addressing Palestine’s newly recognized statehood and the illegal expropriation of land, President Abbas said that Palestinians pursuing their rights do “not want to launch any armed resistance whatsoever."

Abbas says 'no need for third Palestinian Intifada'

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Palestine’s newly recognized statehood was among the prominent topics discussed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in an exclusive interview with RT.

While viewing the UN’s recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state as a significant step, Abbas expressed that Israel has not relinquished its illegal settlements activity. He criticized the persisting expropriation of land even as the Palestinian territories are now classified as an occupied state rather than Israel’s terminology of “disputed territories.”

Abbas emphasized that if Israel maintains its rhetoric of illegal settlement and expropriation, negotiations will not be possible.

When asked if the Palestinians will be forced to start another Intifada, Abbas responded “My opinion is that today there’s no need for Palestinians to go back to fighting. The balance of forces is not in our favor, so it will only lead to the country’s destruction. Just look at the Second Intifada and its repercussions. Our people can achieve their goals through peaceful means, like it happened at the UN. But it’s not easy.”

The interview also addressed the Cairo meeting sponsored by Egypt in which the Palestinian Authority and Hamas held talks. Abbas said that both sides arrived at the following agreement: to set up an interim government with me as its head… after Fayyad’s government stands down, which is what Hamas wanted, I will become the head of the new government, which Hamas has no objections to. They were the ones that insisted I lead the independent interim technocratic government. The next step will be to hold a general election.”

In discussing Obama’s official visit to Israel, Abbas conveyed that the official ceremonies of greeting Obama and holding talks with him in Ramallah will “a full-fledged official visit – just like the one he will pay to Israel and Jordan.”

Abbas indicated that he hopes Obama will put his words criticizing Israel’s illegal land into action.

When asked for his opinion about the possibility of Hamas being removed from the EU’s list of terrorist organizations, he replied, “let me be totally frank with you: we don’t want to launch any armed resistance whatsoever. Hamas has said the same.”

Abbas suggested that the Israeli authorities who stubbornly prevent dialogue must be exposed as “It is not enough to keep telling the Israelis that they are doing wrong by us, violating our rights.”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 16 Mart 2013, 14:40