Fatah calls off Arafat rally in Gaza, blames Hamas

The Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip has issued an official apology for being unable to provide security for a memorial of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to be held by Fatah

Fatah calls off Arafat rally in Gaza, blames Hamas

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The Palestinian faction Fatah has decided to cancel out a memorial rally – scheduled in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday – for iconic Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, blaming rival faction Hamas for the event cancellation.

"The Fatah Central Committee held a meeting in Ramallah today and decided to cancel out the memorial rally it had planned for late president Arafat," senior Fatah member Zakaria al-Agha said in a press briefing in the Gaza Strip on Sunday.

He added that Fatah had decided to call off the event against the background of a recent string of bombings and attacks, targeting the homes of Fatah leaders in the blockaded enclave.

"We've been informed by Hamas that Gaza's security agencies were unable to either secure the rally or its participants," al-Agha added.

He blamed Hamas for the cancellation of the event, claiming that the rival movement had taken steps to spoil the occasion.

"These attitudes undermine the Palestinian reconciliation that was reached by both factions in Cairo," al-Agha said. "We warn Hamas of adverse ramifications in this regard."

Earlier on Sunday, Gaza's Interior Ministry said it had officially told Fatah that it would not be able to provide security for the rally that would have been held on Tuesday to mark Arafat's 10th death anniversary.

Interior Ministry spokesman Eiad al-Bozum said the apology boiled down to what he described as "Fatah's internal conflicts", even without clarifying the nature of these conflicts.

On Friday, a series of coordinated bombings targeted the homes of some leading Fatah members in the Gaza Strip.

One of the bombs went off close to a stage set up for the planned event to mark Arafat's death anniversary.

Fatah had accused Hamas of standing behind the bombings, even as Hamas denied this charge.

Relations between the two main Palestinian factions deteriorated in the past weeks, even as they signed a reconciliation agreement in April, ending rifts that persisted since 2007.


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