Freedom activists mark banknotes for Palestine

The #TheMoneyMovement hashtag is sweeping social media.

Freedom activists mark banknotes for Palestine

World Bulletin / News Desk

Pro-Palestine activists are continuing to utilize social media websites Twitter and Facebook to promote new and unique methods of protesting against the Israeli occupation and oppression against the Palestinian people.

Worldwide people have been writing 'Free Palestine' on banknotes either with biro pen or permanent markers before uploading pictures on to the internet under the hashtag #TheMoneyMovement.

Participants are encouraged to share their photos before inject the cash back into the monetary system.

Originally started by activists on Facebook in 2011, the trend is being revived as Israeli force increase their military strikes on the Gaza Strip, killin at least 98 Palestinians since Monday, half of whom are women and children.

Although some countries have fines for defacing banknotes, it is rarely implemented due to the inability to often positively identify the culprit.



Güncelleme Tarihi: 11 Temmuz 2014, 11:55