Gaza beach victims, family cries foul over injustice

The family of the four children who were killed by Israel whilst playing on a Gaza beach expressed outrage and fury at the closure of the Israeli investigation with no one found culpable.

Gaza beach victims, family cries foul over injustice

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Mohammed Bakr, who is the father of one of four Palestinian children killed on a Gaza City beach during last summer's attack by Israel on Gaza, has expressed his anger at the Israeli investigation which has not found anyone guilty in the attacks.

The comments by Mohammed Bakr come as questions are posed into the scope and the accuracy of the findings of the Israeli military police inquiry.

“There is no justice in the internal investigation,” Bakr said on Friday. “We are counting on the ICC [international criminal court] and human rights. We are not afraid and we are confident we will win because the world is with us.”

Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, Ahed Atef Bakr and Zakariya Ahed Bakr, both 10, and Ismail Mahmoud Bakr, nine, were killed on 16 July last year when they were fired upon by Israeli gunfire. Three of the boys died as they tried to run away from the beach after a shell killed the first child.

The Israeli military made a statement on Thursday evening that the “extensive” criminal inquiry into the case had been closed because it was determined to be a “tragic accident”.

Danny Efroni, who reviewed the investigation’s findings found that the process used in the attack “accorded with Israeli domestic law and international law requirements”.

One of the most disturbing factors of the investigation has arisen since the Israeli military closed its investigation is the fact that not all witnesses to the incident were interviewed by Israeli investigators, despite comments by Efroni’s office suggesting it would do so.

The incident came to global media attention as it took place in front of a number of international media organisations, including the Guardian and the New York Times.

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