Israel approves committee for Arab residents

The Israeli cabinet has approved for the formation of committee to consider needs of Palestinians.

Israel approves committee for Arab residents

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The Israeli government has approved the formation of a committee for the affairs of Arab citizens, the government said Wednesday.

It said in a statement that  Minister of Senior Citizens, Gila Gamliel, would head the new committee on behalf of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli cabinet took a decision to form the committee on Tuesday.

On Thursday, the chairman of the Knesset's joint Arab list, Ayman Odeh, said Netanyahu had promised – in a rare meeting with him earlier in the day – to rethink Israel's policy of demolishing Arab homes.

He said the hour-and-a-quarter-long meeting had taken place at Netanyahu's request at the Israeli government's West Jerusalem headquarters.

Odeh said that a wide range of political issues had been discussed at the meeting, including the many problems faced by Israel's Arab citizens, especially those related to housing and employment.

He asserted, however, that Netanyahu had given him little more than "lip service."

"The prime minister promised to find a solution to the housing problem," Odeh said. "But we can't trust this until a plan is agreed upon in this regard."

Arabs account for 20% of Israel's 8.3-million population.


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