Israel detained 300 Gazans in 2014: NGO

An NGO said it had documented 300 cases of Gazans who had been detained by Israeli forces in 2014

Israel detained 300 Gazans in 2014: NGO

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Israeli forces detained at least 300 Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip throughout the course of the year, a Palestinian NGO said Tuesday.

The Association for Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners said it had documented 300 cases of Gazans who had been detained by Israeli forces in 2014.

It added that two thirds of the arrests had taken place during Israel's deadly 51-day military offensive on the Gaza Strip this summer.

Most Gazans detained by Israel this year were released within days of their arrest after first having been subjected to "torture and extensive questioning," according to the NGO.

It added, however, that 22 Gazans detained this year still remained in Israeli detention facilities.

The NGO went on to assert that the arrest of Palestinians in Gaza had reached levels unseen since Israel's deadly "Cast Lead" military operation in 2008/09.

This year's detentions included 40 fishermen from the blockaded coastal enclave who were arrested at sea, along with as 40 other Gazans allegedly caught while attempting to enter Israel, the NGO said.

Another 17 Gazans, it added, including three medical patients, had been arrested while attempting to cross into Israel through the Erez border terminal.

For seven consecutive weeks this summer, Israel pounded the Gaza Strip – by air, land and sea – with the stated aim of staunching rocket fire from the enclave.

Along with killing more than 2,160 Palestinians and injuring thousands more, the offensive also left vast swathes of Gaza's critical infrastructure in ruins.

Over 7,000 Palestinians are currently languishing in prisons located throughout Israel, according to the Ramallah-based Palestinian government.

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