Israel hands over Palestinian home to settlers

The decision came after the Israeli Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the settlers in a legal dispute.

Israel hands over Palestinian home to settlers

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Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon agreed on Sunday to hand over a Palestinian home in the West Bank city of Al-Khali (Hebron) to settlers under the pretext that it belongs to them.

The decision came after the Israeli Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the settlers in a legal dispute.

"After they [settlers] broke into the house on March 19, 2007, I field a compliant with the Israeli Supreme Court, which had ordered the immediate expulsion of the settlers after acknowledging that they had provided the court with forged deeds," Fayez al-Rajabi, the Palestinian owner, told Anadolu Agency.

"On September 13, 2012, the Supreme Court accepted a petition filed by the settlers against the earlier verdict and ruled in their favor," he recalled.

According to al-Rajabi, the court entitled the defense minister to determine whether to allow the settlers to move into the building.

Al-Rajabi said the house, built in 1995 on an area of ​​3,500 square meters, is located east of Al-Ibrahimi mosque.

"The house is located near the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba and seizing it means connecting Kiryat Arba to scattered settlement outposts in the old town of Al-Khalil and turning them into a huge settlement complex," Abdel-Hadi Hantash of the Al-Khalil Land Defense Committee told AA.

"Israel is seeking to establish a huge settlement complex in the center of Al-Khalil," he added.

Al-Khalil is home to roughly 160,000 Palestinian Muslims and about 500 Jewish settlers. The latter live in several Jewish-only enclaves that are heavily guarded by Israeli troops.

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Hammurabi - 7 yıl Önce

OK ... For the last time, that house was sold to the israeli.....The people that sold it to the israelis ,got scared and denied that they sold the shitty house.... OK

TunaTuna Ahmed
TunaTuna Ahmed - 7 yıl Önce

Is this we International Community is living to see happen by a state Justice verdict?Takeove illegally the land of a community and give it to the people of thr occupier is the law. Is this the Intetnational law that accepts it? If it is so then why have law, International law or any law at all. Yes, it is needed to use as toilet paper to clean the annal and flash out. Good the World Community of Nations appreciate the rule of the Super powers policing the world.