Israel kidnapped 1,000 children in less than 2 months

More than 1,000 children have been kidnapped by Israel in less then 2 months and more than 12,000 since the first Intifada in 2000

Israel kidnapped 1,000 children in less than 2 months

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A  statement has been issued by the head of the Research and Documentation Department at the Palestinian Detainees' Committee, and a member of its follow-up committee in the Gaza Strip, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, who has appealed to the international community to act in protecting Palestinian children facing ongoing Israeli violations.

Ferwana in his statement said that the Palestinian children are increasingly subject to escalating Israeli violations, and has called for ensuring the release of all imprisoned children, in addition to guaranteeing their continued freedom. 

His statements were marking the Universal Children’s Day (November 20) which was adopted by the United Nations Secretary-General on the same date, in 1989, under the Convention of the Rights of the Child, Assembly Resolution 44/25, (entry into force September 2, 1990, in accordance with article 49.) 

"Since Israel invaded the Palestinian territories, it began treating the children as 'delayed time bombs, that would detonate when they grow up,' and this both confiscated their immunity and assassinated their innocent childhood," Ferwana said. “Their young age was ignored, and they were stripped of their rights; this led to the death and arrest of thousands of children.” 

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