Israel phones Turkey, tells Gazan 'We're going to bomb your home'

Israel phoned a Palestinian student in Turkey to tell him that his home was about to get bombed.

Israel phones Turkey, tells Gazan 'We're going to bomb your home'

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A 32-year-old Palestinian student who studies in Turkey received a voice message on his phone from the Israeli army moments before they bombed his family home in Gaza.

Kamel Shbair, who studies computer engineering at Anadolu University, has been living in Turkey's Eskisehir for two and a half years with his wife and two children.

Shbair was continuing to use his Palestinian SIM card in Turkey when he got the message.

Speaking to Turkey's Radikal newspaper, Shbair explained: "My father, mother and siblings live in Gaza. Thirteen days ago I received a voice message on my phone from the Israeli army. They told us to abandon our home because they were going to drop a bomb. I immediately phoned my father and mother."

"At first they couldn't believe such a thing could happen. They said 'they didn't tell us anything so there isn't a problem', but they had bombed our neighbors two weeks earlier. Six of them were matyred. My father said they would leave the house just to be safe. Nothing happened on the first and second day, but on the third day Israel bombed our home. That day, my father went to the UN's school with my sibling," he said.

"When I heard my family home got bombed I was very angry. I thought about a lot. I cried. I couldn't explain it to my children when they asked me what had happened. How can something like this be explained to them, they are very young. I wanted to speak to my family but I couldn't get through to them. I still haven't been able to contact them."

"Thank God no one died, but we lost our house," he said.

Two days after receiving the message Shbair's phone was stolen. "If I hadn't received the message the situation could have been worse...The only reason I want my phone back is because I want to contact them."

Almost 2,000 Palestinians have died in a month of attacks by the Israeli forces. Most of the dead are civilians. About a quarter of the dead have been identified as children.  

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