Israel says it downed Hamas drone

The makeshift drone that was shot down by the Israeli Air Force was believed to have been launched from the Gaza Strip.

Israel says it downed Hamas drone

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Israeli Air Force has shot down a Hamas drone, Israeli Radio announced on Thursday.

The broadcaster quoted an army official as saying that the Israeli army had downed the drone on Monday, using special technology, specifically developed for this purpose.

The unnamed official added that Israel had developed defense systems with the aim of countering drones that might be possibly operated by Hamas and other so called "terrorist" organizations.

He said Hamas has been working hard since early last year to improve its military capabilities in order to take Israel by surprise.

The official claimed that a portion of Hamas' war effort focuses on the development of unmanned drones to collect intelligence information and strike military and civilian targets inside Israel.

Anadolu Agency could not get immediate comment from Hamas officials on the allegations of the Israeli official.

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