Israel turns Jerusalem landmarks into latrines

Israel has stooped to a new low by converting a number of Islamic and historical landmarks turning them into public restrooms.

Israel turns Jerusalem landmarks into latrines
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 Israel has converted a number of Islamic and historical landmarks near East Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque into public restrooms, a Palestinian NGO has said.

"Israeli occupation forces have turned several Islamic and historical landmarks in southeastern Jerusalem's Mughrabi Quarter, only 50 meters west of the Al-Aqsa, into public toilets for Jews and foreign tourists visiting the Hait al-Buraq area," the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowments and Heritage asserted in a report released Monday.

Palestinians consider the Hait al-Buraq area an Islamic landmark. Jews, for their part, call it the "Western" or "Wailing Wall" and perform prayers near it.

In its report, the Al-Aqsa foundation said that the restrooms were part of a major Jewish synagogue being built in the area.

The report went on to note that the area in question contains dozens of historical buildings and Islamic landmarks, including some that date back to the Ottoman era.

The Al-Aqsa foundation said Israel was committing a "crime against civilization and history" by turning such historical buildings into public restrooms.


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