Israeli councilman tells Arabs 'get out of Israel'

A councilman in the Jerusalem municipality has distributed leaflets telling Arab residents to leave Israel.

Israeli councilman tells Arabs 'get out of Israel'

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An Israeli councilman in Jerusalem has angered many Arabs living in the city by distributing leaflets to Arab residents, telling them to leave Israel.

In the leaflets distributed by United Jerusalem faction councilman Aryeh King, Arabs are told "You have many large countries that you can live in. Understand that we returned to Israel to fulfill what is written in the Torah."

In an ironic, and at the same time insultingly sarcastic attempt to show sympathy, the leaflet also tells Arabs "It isn't easy for millions of people to abandon their homes without any monetary help. Therefore we propose that you negotiate with the state of Israel to receive economic aid to move and live elsewhere."

Attempting to use his interpretation of the Torah to justify his demand, Aryeh King also included in message "In the Torah it is also written that the land of Israel, this small land, belongs to the Jewish people alone and it is forbidden for others to live here in a permanent manner."

Although the Jerusalem Municipality denounced the leaflets, saying that it "doesn't recognize, isn't connected with or hold responsibility for private letters of elected officials written on their opinion alone," Aryeh King’s actions as the Chairperson of the Jerusalem Municipality's Environment Committee as well as its Emergency and Security Committee, has further raised tensions in the already tense city.

In recent weeks, Jewish settlers have been accompanied by Israeli forces in constant raids on the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The raids on Islam’s third holiest site resulted in Friday congregational prayers being cancelled at the mosque a number of times in 2013.

Current peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority also center around the Palestinian demand to see Al-Quds (East Jerusalem) as its capital – something that many Israelis disagree with.

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