Israeli minister rejects calls for Palestinian state

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and leader of the far-right HaBayit HaYehudi Party, said he would not agree to any deal granting a Palestinian state.

Israeli minister rejects calls for Palestinian state

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Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has voiced opposition to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state or the notion of ceding any land to the Palestinians as part of any future peace deal.

"Palestinians are trying to kill Israelis, and Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] doesn't want to sign a peace agreement," Bennett said in a Sunday interview on Israeli television.

"When I entered the government, I said I would respect previous agreements [with the Palestinians], but I am not required to agree to coming agreements," Bennett, leader of the rightwing extremist HaBayit HaYehudi ("The Jewish Home") party, said.

The minister suggested keeping the West Bank divided into areas A, B and C.

"Whenever we give land to the Palestinians, more Israelis get killed," he claimed.

In July, the Palestinian Authority and Israel resumed peace talks after a three-year hiatus in hopes of reaching a comprehensive final-status agreement.

Talks between the two sides generally take place behind closed doors, with results of negotiations seldom divulged to the media.

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