It not humanitarian, its civilizational crisis!

When the war turn into barbarism. When hospitals, disability centres , schools are not safe it is not a humanitarian crisis.

It not humanitarian, its civilizational crisis!

Musab Iqbal

After killing children everywhere – from the children playing on beach to those playing in park; Israeli PR team is running campaign 'The "Hug a Child" Project' to save children of Gaza from Hamas because 'A child is a gift'. The webpage of the 'Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs', which is running this, reads: “The Children everywhere deserve to be cherished, not exploited as human shields. Hug a child today! And be thankful that your child wasn't born in Hamas-ruled territory.”

The persistence of lie and shameless propaganda is just awful. Every child shall thank that he or she has not seen Israel's aggression and its naked display of barbarism. Israel's bullet, shrapnel, bomb and missiles are hugging these children of Gaza day and night. Under the great patronage of superpower(s) it's killing the innocents without fear and without guilt.

Israel's offence is not a 'humanitarian crisis' anymore but a civilizational one.

Israel largely is a country without compassion (discount the minute minority here). When the civilians on their arm chairs see live bombing of people, and enjoy and dance; when mob on streets cheerfully shout "Gaza is a graveyard"; when the intellectuals push for total destruction of oppressed people, it is no more a humanitarian crisis, it is civilizational one.

When the war turn into barbarism, when hospitals, disability centers, and schools are not safe it is not a humanitarian crisis.

When an army plays with the unarmed civilians through technology, sending them ultimatum to run, a few seconds before bombing, and derive pleasure out of it, it is a civilizational crisis.

The question of Gaza and Palestine in general is the question whether we will allow the colonial legacy with its brutal force to continue like this in this century as well, or if we want to put an end to it. Do we want a civilization founded on compassion and equality or on fear and oppression? This question is not mere question of 1.8 million Gazans but of all of us.

It’s appalling how people still deflect and diffuse the issue of Israel - Palestine by mentioning other conflicts. The question here is of Israel and its occupation; its military aggression and its territorial expansion. This is happening under the patronage of a superpower - the superpower that claims to protect “civilization” through high ideals.

It is a civilizational crisis in many ways. The blood lust is quite apparent. People cheering, dancing, enjoying the death of Palestinians; the settler mob looking for Palestinians in the West Bank and beating them; and Gilad Sharon writing: "We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”

MARINA STRINKOVSKY in NewStatesman recently wrote that “Pacifism has attracted a social penalty in Israeli society for decades – many Israelis are immersed in a siege mentality, cynically whipped up at critical moments by their self-serving leadership.”

I am just amazed by the ignorance people display when they compare Hamas with Israel. Israel is an occupier, a colonizer, with an army of the highest standard. Hamas is a resistance group (one can disagree with its ideology, methodology, and strategy as many of us do). Hamas or any radical group in Palestine is the product of Israel’s aggression and not its compassion. Hamas’s founder was found saying in a video interview that they are not against Jews but against the occupation. Recently, Hamas said that they are ready to live with Jews. Is Israel ready to give up the ambitions of a Zionist state, a state built on violent exclusionism?

What people carry in protest might symbolize something, but here F16 and drones carrying tons of bombs mean total destruction.

I don’t know what news channel one watch when one defends Israel by saying that Israel is not harming civilians, its target is clear: tunnels and Hamas. If so, then what is their aim when they attack schools (UN schools) hospitals, and razing down entire neighborhoods, bombing power plant? And what is their motive when they targeted Shujayea market today during their "humanitarian" pause?! This is not just inhuman, it's uncivil. In other words, it's barbaric!

Give Palestinians an army, an air force and a navy. Then you can complain about Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

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