Journalists urge unified media strategy for Palestine

Hundreds of journalists, academics and writers gathered in Istanbul to raise world awareness of Palestinian cause

Journalists urge unified media strategy for Palestine

Journalists from several world countries have called for concerted efforts to clear misconceptions about the Palestinian cause and defend Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation. 

“As a journalist, one of my duties is to serve and defend the Palestinian cause,” Martin Lejeune, a German journalist, told Anadolu Agency in an interview. 

He said Israeli occupation authorities are seeking to distort the real causes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 

“Defending the Palestinian cause by an ordinary journalist can be achieved by doing accurate journalism and by telling the truth,” he said. 

“There is no time to lose for doing an accurate coverage regarding Palestine; people are dying every day and suffer because of the Israeli occupation,” Lejeune lamented. 

Giving an example about the distorted facts while covering the Palestinian issue, Lejeune cited the use of the term “border” while covering Palestinian protests in Gaza against the decades-long Israeli occupation. 

“The world media used the term border while covering the weekly protests in Gaza, but in fact, there is no border; there are only security fences and checkpoints established by the [Israeli] occupation forces,” he said.

Since late March, more than 200 Palestinians have been killed and thousands more injured by Israeli army fire during anti-occupation protests near Gaza's security fence with Israel.

“The Nakba is ongoing and there is ongoing popular struggle to resist the Nakba,” Lejeune said, using the term used by the Palestinians to describe the creation of Israel on the rubble of Palestine in 1948. 

The German journalist was among hundreds of journalists, academics and writers from some 60 countries around the world, who gathered in Istanbul on Saturday for a major conference on the Palestinian cause. 

Organized by the Beirut-based Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication, the two-day meeting aimed to raise global awareness of the Palestinian cause. 

Lejeune said his participation in the conference aimed “to improve my journalistic skills regarding the pro-Palestine news coverage”.