Killing of Palestinian journalist protested in Istanbul

Yasser Mortaja was shot in abdomen by Israeli troops while covering anti-occupation protests in Gaza on Friday

Killing of Palestinian journalist protested in Istanbul

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Dozens of journalists and human-rights activists staged a demonstration in Istanbul on Wednesday to protest the killing of a Palestinian journalist by the Israeli army in Gaza.

Yasser Mortaja, 30, was shot in the abdomen by Israeli troops on Friday while covering the "Great March of Return". He succumbed to his wounds on Saturday.

Gathering at the front of the well-known Galatasaray High School in Taksim district, human-rights activists together with journalists displayed photos of Mortaja and banners, reading “You can’t kill the truth” in four languages; Turkish, English, Arabic and Hebrew. 

Speaking on behalf of the demonstrators, Tayfun Demir, media adviser of Istanbul-based Human Rights and Justice Movement (IHAK) said: “We don’t want even one more person be killed any more as they do not pose any threat to anyone.”

“We are once again screaming that all the murderers -- who seized people’s right to live; such as Yasser and other journalists all over the world -- be punished,” Demir said. 

All the journalists put their cameras on the ground for a while to protest the killing.

“We, as journalists always chased the truth and will continue reporting the truth clearly. You may want to kill us as well. You may kill us but you should know that you will never be able to kill the truth,” he added. 

IHAK Board Director Cihat Ozdemir also condemned Israel’s actions saying that it targeted civilians, journalists, children, women and elders indiscriminately.

“We need to raise our voice in order to prevent new killings,” Ozdemir noted.

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