Natural gas reserve field found in Gaza waters

Palestinians in Gaza are celebrating the good news which was revealed on Monday.

Natural gas reserve field found in Gaza waters

World Bulletin / News Desk

A prominent Palestinian lawmaker has gone on record to confirm that a new natural gas reserve has been discovered close to the shores of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Legislative Council economic committee member and lawmaker Dr. Salem Salama, told Sout Al-Aqsa that the gas field was just 200-300 meters away from the central province coast.

"The fact that the field is so close to the beach will facilitate the work of any company that might invest in this field. The return will be great for the Gaza Strip, in economic terms," he said.

The proximity of the gas field will make extraction easy he added, and that talks regarding the natural resource discovery were already underway.

The discovery of the reserve come rather timely, as the Gaza Strip has been suffering from fuel and electricity shortages as a result of the Israeli-imposed blockade.

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Donna Schwarz-Nielsen
Donna Schwarz-Nielsen - 7 yıl Before

Give Israel 5 mins, I'm sure they're quite adept at building sea walls. :/