PA detains hundreds of Hamas activists

The PA has detained hundred of Hamas activists with allegations of torture by the Palestinian Authority.

PA detains hundreds of Hamas activists

World Bulletin / News Desk

An AFP report has said that the Palestinian Authority has arrested more than 200 Hamas activists since 2 July in a crackdown in the occupied West Bank, according to movement officials. 

“Hamas members in the occupied West Bank are being submitted to their worst campaign of arrests — their biggest and longest,” Hamas official Abdurahman Shadid told AFP this week.

“The arrest campaign carried out by the PA against Hamas leaders and members comes under an organized project aiming to eradicate the movement,” he said.

The Palestinian Authority did not respond to the claims however one of its officials said last week about 100 Hamas members had been arrested.

A Palestinian unity agreement signed in April 2014 sought to end years of fighting between Fatah, Abbas's party, and Hamas. To solve the crisis, a unity government of technocrats was formed however it has been  been ineffective and has essentially barred from operating in Gaza, leaving Hamas which is under a strict Israeli blockade.

Recently, Abbas has sought to reconstitute the unity government, which has further heightened tensions.

The Palestinian Authority also cooperates with Israel on security matters, and Hamas accused it of acting on the Jewish state's behalf.



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