Palestinian mother tends to injured sons

Mother cares for four sons injured while taking part in ongoing anti-occupation rallies in Gaza

Palestinian mother tends to injured sons

World Bulletin / News Desk

Nima al-Isawi, a Palestinian mother whose four sons were injured while taking part in anti-occupation rallies in eastern Gaza, is struggling to make ends meet under increasingly difficult circumstances.

Two of her sons have been immobilized by their injuries, while a third has been sent to a hospital in Egypt.

Through her tears, she explained how she, too, had been recently injured by Israeli gas bombs while at a protest camp set up in eastern Gaza.

“I don't care about myself, but I feel sorry for my children, two of whom can’t move as a result of their wounds,” she said.

Al-Isawi recalled how one of her sons had been paralyzed after being struck by an Israeli bullet, while another was temporarily confined to a wheelchair.
She explained how she must tend to the needs of her son, Ahmed, who was injured in the abdomen in May only to be injured again after rejoining the protests.

At one point, she thought her fourth son, Mazen, would succumb to wounds he had sustained near the border. He, however, survived the ordeal -- fortunately -- after receiving extensive medical treatment.

“My son Atef, meanwhile, has been injured six separate times; the doctors had said he was in ‘critical condition’,” she said. “He has since been sent to a hospital in Egypt.”

On the bright side, however, al-Isawi said one son -- Mahmoud, 22 -- had fully recovered from his injuries.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 29 Haziran 2018, 15:50