Palestinians shot at on Gaza border

Palestinian farmers were shot at when they tried to enter their fields situated in Gaza-Israel border that is called the "buffer zone".

Palestinians shot at on Gaza border

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Palestinian farmers who have fields on the Gaza-Israel border, which Israel has defined a " buffer zone" are shot at when they try to farm their land.

Iyad Kadih, a female farmer living in southern Khan Yunis province of Gaza, said she has 7000 square meter farmland, but could only farm 1000 square meter of it as the rest is located on the buffer zone and Israel does not let farmers enter the fields.

Israel moved the Gaza border 300 meters after the first uprising - in September 2000, redefining this zone as the buffer zone.

"We were allowed to plant only wheat and barley on the fields in the region following Gaza Cease Fire Agreement between the end of 2012 and the first half of 2013'' said the farmer, adding that the situation changed and Israeli forces opened fire on them every other day when they attempted to enter their fields.

Stating the agriculture ban was not the only problem in the region, Kadih also added that her house, which is 450 meters away from the border, was exposed to Israeli bombing and armed attacks and her family miraculously escaped from death many times.

"We do not have adequate drinking water and electricity cut-outs constantly occur," she said.

Gaza Cease Fire Agreement was made between Palestinian and Israeli parties in November, 2012 through Egypt. Among the items of the agreement were the termination of a 300-meter buffer zone in Gaza and Palestinian farmers' planting on agricultural fields.

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