Right, left wing Jews react to baby's murder

The murder of baby Ali Saad Dawabshe is a direct result of a 48 year military occupation which consistently uses violence to enforce that inequality that exists today.

Right, left wing Jews react to baby's murder

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The details of the final moments of baby Ali’s short life was revealed on  Saturday night by baby Ali's mother Riham Dawabshe’s brother in-law, Nasser Dawabshe. Dawabhse addressed a Tel Aviv crowd of more than 2,000 Israelis protesting the killing according to a report in Mondoweiss.

Ali Dawabshe was not the only victim mourned. Over the past ten days six Palestinians and another Israeli were killed. On Thursday, the night before the Dawabshe’s home was attacked, a right-wing Israeli, Yishai Schlissel, recently released from prison for murdering an Israeli in 2005 at a Jerusalem pride parade struck again stabbin six Israelis at this year’s pride event. Sixteen year old Shira Banki succumbed to the injuries yesterday.

Dawabshe's delivered the following speech addressing the violence and fired back at Netanyahu for allowing the terror attacks to continue:

“This has no precedence. I was with the family at my father’s house, who has illness in the kidneys. And our mother is also ill. After midnight—1:30 [am] at night—each one went to their own home. After a half an hour, the family was surprised that something burning was thrown at their house. It was very strong and the whole house burned. There’s nothing left.

At that moment my brother Sa’ed and his wife Riham caught on fire. Despite the burns, Sa’ed carried his son, four year old Ahmad, outside the house. Riham grabbed a blanket, she thought that the child, Ali, was in the blanket. But they learned that the child wasn’t in the blanket, but was left inside.

She [Riham] began to yell “Where’s Ali?!” Ali was was burning. She saw him burn. She begged her family to bring her burned baby to her.

At that time no one was able to enter the house because the fire was so big. By the time the fire brigade had arrived and put out the fire, and we finally got inside, we witnessed the horrific sight. We saw Ali completely burned, his whole body covered in burns and nothing we can do to save him. Riham went to sleep wishing her baby sweet dreams and they came and burned a family, sound asleep.

A family that loved its life and doesn’t believe in violence. My brother Sa’ed is loved by the whole village. Netanyahu sends his condolences, and we ask him, the army and the Ministry of Defense to bring security to the village of Duma and all Palestinian villages.

We, the people under occupation, demand the capture of the killers and to bring them to justice. Secondly, we’d like to thank everyone who supported us through these events. We also ask the UN [United Nations] to stand with us, the Palestinian people, to get our freedom. We are a people who believe in life. And we ask the world to stand with us.

I want to ask Netanyahu one question and I expect him to answer. I left my house at 3 in the morning and returned at 12 midnight. I found my mother and father waiting for me. Mother asked me when Sa’ed will return? I say to Netanyahu and all his army: When does Sa’ed return? When does Riham return? When will Ahmad return? Why was Ali murdered? Eighteen months, what was his crime? What has he done to your army? What has he done to your settlers?”

Nasser Dawabshe was joined on stage by heads of the Israeli left. “We must tell the truth. This is Jewish terror, racist terror. Full of hate. These are terrorists,” said opposition leader Isaac Herzog from the Zionist Camp. “We can’t loose this battle. We can’t allow the hate to go wild. We can’t let extremist groups to hide under a cloak of social, or political movements. To enjoy state funds and the blessing of leaders and rabbis and teachers, whether directly or in directly,” Herzog continued. 

Despite the condemnation many are convinced the criticism is insufficient, with Zahava Gal-On, head of Israel’s left-leaning Meretz party at the Tel Aviv rally on Saturday saying that “It’s a kind of  lip service that they are doing,” said  “I don’t believe them, they are not condemning any Jewish terror, they are not acting against Jewish terror.”.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he warned against retaliation attacks on Israeli citizens following Ali Dawabshe’s murder saying that his government will launch an investigation into the crime, and today promised to announces changes to the role of Palestinian security forces next month.

Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also spoke over the telephone on Friday, the second time the two have conversed during the past year.

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