Undefeated Gazans fill mosques for last ten of Ramadan

The Israeli assault on Gaza last year destroyed over 60 mosques, however despite the atrocity Gazan's are filling the ruined mosques to make the most of the last ten days of Ramadan.

Undefeated Gazans fill mosques for last ten of Ramadan

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 During the last ten days of Ramadan, considered the most special of the Islamic holy month, Gazans prayed for an to the suffering in Gaza and the Muslim world and liberty for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Mosques this year could not accommodate the large number of worshipers, who ended up spilling out into the courtyards and corridors.

This is in sharp contrast to last year, when prayers during the last ten nights of Ramadan had to be cancelled to protect Palestinian worshippers from Israeli strikes.

The Palestinian Ministry of Religious Endowments said that Israel totally destroyed 64 mosques during its aggression, in addition to partially damaging 150 others.

Israel's 51-day onslaught against Gaza began on the seventh day of last year's Ramadan.

"Those moments were very difficult because in these blessed times last year we were forced to still in our houses, afraid of being targeted by Israeli strikes," a worshiper named Abdul Rahman al-Jarush told Anadolu Agency.

Al-Jarush prayed that Gaza one day live in peace, and that the pain and suffering caused by the Israeli war and eight-year blockade come to an end.

Across Gaza, people filled the mosques and prayed, read the holy Qur’an and made supplications.

Elements of the armed Palestinian resistance took turns to pray and guard the border with Israel.

"We try to benefit from these blessed moments by reciting the holy Qur'an, performing prayers and supplicating,” Abu al-Baraa, a member of Hamas’ military wing, al-Qassam Brigades, told Anadolu Agency.

“In order not to lose sight of our tasks, we split into groups and swap our roles; hence, our nights are spent between worshiping and guarding," he said.

"This time last year we were fighting the Zionist enemy, and we cannot forget the losses that we inflicted on this enemy. Today, we are here worshiping, guarding, and preparing ourselves for any confrontation. This path will be continued until the liberation of all of our lands," he added.

On July 7, 2014, Israel launched a war against the Gaza Strip named Operation Protective Edge, which ended on August 26, 2014. The operation led to the killing of 2,147 Palestinians, among them 578 children, 489 women and 102 elderly persons.

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