Bagis criticizes UN for long-delayed chemical probe in Syria

Turkey's EU Minister Bagis blamed UN for its delayed investigation into claims of use of chemical weapons in Syria

Bagis criticizes UN for long-delayed chemical probe in Syria

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Turkish European Union Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis criticized UN for sending inspectors to Syria to investigate chemical attacks "after keeping silent for so long".

Speaking on a national news channel, Bagis evaluated developments in Syria and Egypt.

Bagis said whoever used chemical weapons in Syria "couldn't be even human, leave aside being Muslim."

"Everyone, who until now didn't put effort to stop the savageness in Syria, is as responsible as perpetrators of the attacks."

Bagis defined UN's sending inspectors to Syria to investigate with chemical attacks, after keeping silent on the issue for so long, as "comedy".

Need for change in UN

"We have to create an understanding that the world is bigger than just five members of UN Security Council," said Bagis.

Emphasizing the need for change in UN structure to be more actively involved in issues such as Syria crisis, Bagis said Turkey has made repeated calls for such a change on the part of the EU countries.

Criticism towards EU on Egypt policy

"How come the EU, having democracy as its sine qua non value, can try to adopt a balancing act towards junta regime in a country?" he asked.

AK Party to open representation in Brussels

Bagis also announced that ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party would open a representation in Brussels.

"We will open it in Brussels, capital of the EU to able to immediately pass our sensitivities to EU member states," criticizing the union of being "ignorant" about latest events in the Middle East.

More Ak Party representations will be opened in Washington, London, Beijing, Moscow and Berlin, Bagis said.

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