'Erdogan is the only leader supporting the Egyptians'

The last of the demonstrations organized by Egyptians in US for their country was also joined by Turkish people with a big crowd.

'Erdogan is the only leader supporting the Egyptians'

A demonstration was held by Egyptians in US with the participation of Turks to protest the coup and violence against the civilians in Egypt.

Egyptian demonstrators expressed their pleasure because of Turks' support with Turkish flags and Rabia banners.

"Erdogan told he would give the name of Rabia to a square in Turkey. I hope Morsi will return and we will build a new country," stated Ahmed Murad, the Chairman of Egyptians and Americans for Democracy and Human Rights (EADHR) that is one of the organizators with Everything for Turkey Platform. He said in case Egypt returns to normal, that would be meaningful to give Erdogan's name to a square in Egypt.

"The military is even controlling the economy and dragging the country to a civil war. The leaders of Muslim countries are all dictators except Turkey. Erdogan is the only leader supporting the Egyptian people, so we do not carry any other leader's photo. But the others feel they would lose their position since the Egyptian people inspired all the people around the world," said the organizer Murad.

Another Egyptian woman protester Rehab Mowafy claimed that the real problem for pro-coup mindset was not Muslim Brotherhood, but Islam itself by saying, "There is not only Egyptian people here, but also Muslims from Turkey, Syria and other countries."

"The aims of the platform are to bring together the people caring about human rights and rule of law. We gathered to protest the coup against the first democratically elected government of Egypt. As PM Erdogan said, 'we are here for Moses aganist Pharaos'," explained Halil Ibrahim Danismaz as the aims of the platform.

Everything for Turkey (Her Şey Türkiye için Platformu) Chairman Danismaz said they are the first Turkish organization which held a common meeting with Arab society in New York.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Ağustos 2013, 14:02