Erdogan says PKK attacks 'a tool' of plots against Turkey

Erdogan said "that recent terrorist attacks indicated that it was trying to prove that it was still an instrument that could be used by circles who had plots regarding Turkey."

Erdogan says PKK attacks 'a tool' of plots against Turkey

The Turkish prime minister said on Saturday that PKK recent attacks indicated that it was still an instrument.

Turkey's Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said "that recent terrorist attacks indicated that it was trying to prove that it was still an instrument that could be used by circles who had plots regarding Turkey."

"The terrorist organization, which has been so desperate and in a crisis due to recent intense initiatives, is resorting to terrorist attacks to prove that it still exists even though it knows that it will gain no result," Erdogan said in a statement aired on the web-site of his office.

"New attack"

One Turkish soldier died and another was injured when militants attacked the team assigned to protect Arindik Gendarmerie Military OutPost in Palu town of eastern province of Elazig overnight, Anadolu news agency said on Sunday.

The attack followed clashes on Saturday which killed 11 soldiers and 12 PKK militants in the region, near the border with Iraq.

The militants attacked the team early in the morning with hand grenades and machine guns.

The ensuing clash lasted for half an hour.

An operation was launched to capture the militants who fled after the incident.

Meanwhile, the number of soldiers who were killed in a PKK attack on a military outpost in the southeastern province of Hakkari rose to 11.

Security forces launched a wide-scale operation in the region after PKK militants attacked on a military outpost in Hakkari's Semdinli town early on Saturday.

They reached the body of a soldier in the rural area, with whom they lost contact after the attack.

Thus, the number of soldiers killed in the attack rose to 11.

Eight soldiers were killed and 14 of them were injured in a PKK attack on a military outpost in Semdinli, whereas two soldiers died and two others were wounded as they stepped on a land mine when following the militants who attacked on the military outpost. Twelve militants were rendered ineffective.

State-run Anatolian news agency said Erdogan would travel to Van in southeast Turkey on Sunday to attend a ceremony for the dead soldiers.

Nationalist MHP party leader Devlet Bahceli said Erdogan was the architect of the current situation. He called for a meeting on Monday of the National Security Council and the re-introduction of a state of emergency in southeast Turkey, which ended in 2002, when Erdogan's AK Party came to power.

"Sabotaging Turkey"

In the statement, Erdogan presented his condolences to the families of the dead soldiers, and quick recovery for the injured.

Erdogan said Turkey had witnessed the bloody and dirty intrigues of the terrorist organization for many times, and the terrorist organization could not achieve its bloody intentions, and could not be successful in any of those dirty intrigues that aimed to harm the peace and brotherhood of Turkish nation.

"Today, the terrorist organization is resorting to bloody attacks as the figure of bloody intrigues in order to sabotage the economic, social and democratic improvement process of Turkey, which has gained international importance," he said.
Erdogan said Turkey would maintain its development within unity and solidarity, and those who staged those heinous attacks would not achieve their dark intentions.

Those bloody attacks would not demoralize the security forces and would not harm their will, the peace and stability of the country and brotherhood and solidarity of the nation, he said.

Erdogan said the government would not slow down its democratic developments when carrying out an efficient fight against the terrorist organization, and would continue to give messages of peace in the country and the world.

Turkey would not be desperate and surrender by violence, Erdogan said.

Erdogan said the government would continue its multi-dimensional fight against terrorism, whereas security forces would go on with their fight against the terrorist organization.

In the statement, the prime minister called on every one to refrain from remarks, criticisms and comments that could demoralize the state, government, nation and security forces, and harm unity and solidarity.

Erdogan said trying to derive political results from that sorrowful atmosphere, making that national issue a matter of polemics for party interests, and making harming criticisms would serve the intentions of the terrorist organization.

The prime minister also said assuming a single attitude towards the terrorist organization and giving messages of brotherhood with common sense would be the best answer.

Erdogan's government worked on plans to boost Kurdish rights to help end the conflict.

However, the process has faltered and it suffered a setback in December when the Constitutional Court banned the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) on charges of links to the PKK.

More than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict since the PKK launched its attacks in 1984.


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