Iraqi PM: There must be Turkish cooperation for oil

Iraqi PM Al-Ibadi has visited Ankara and has sought cooperation with Turkey for the management of their oil production, which takes 90% of the Iraqi budget.

Iraqi PM: There must be Turkish cooperation for oil
World Bulletin / News Desk
Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek met with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and his delegation in the capital, Ankara.

"Deplorable and displeasing incidents are occurring in our region," the speaker said.

He also condoled with the Iraqi premier over the death of around 50 people in a blast in Baghdad Wednesday.

Cicek said Muslims too were getting killed in attacks that also tarnished the name of Islam. He added that some countries and societies were now wrongly linking Islam with terrorism in the world.

"Terrorism does not have an identity, a religion, ethnic origin or country," the parliament speaker said.

In his speech, al-Abadi also pointed out how ISIL had come to Iraq from Syria and that it was struggling against it with huge sacrifices, with large number of casualties and major damage to infrastructure. He also noted that the two nations joint issue was oil.

With oil constituting 90% of the Iraqi budget, al Abadi said, “Joint business with our neighbour Turkey is very important to us”. Making his statement in parliament, al Abadi also said that he hoped that there would be more opportunities to do business with Turkey, and that they also together will deal will issues of terror and stressed that both military cooperation with both nations will be needed in the fight against terrorism.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Aralık 2014, 17:10