ISIL threatens Turkey with action

The Turkish Communication Presidency has blocked three Turkish language websites that were set up in Raqqa. In response, ISIL has threatened Turkey if continues to restrict them.

ISIL threatens Turkey with action

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Known for its connection with ISIL, internet website Darulhilafe that broadcasts in Turkish has warned Turkey that any pressure and blockage on their website will find that it will react against Turkey.

The Telecommunication Communication Presidency with a decision from the magistrates court had blocked three websites:, and

According to Sputnik's Hikmet Durgun, the website that broadcasts from the Syrian city of Raqqa have said that various operations from Turkey and with the closure of the websites, have threatened Turkey with an announcement.

A different page with Turkey

In a statement on the website it has said, "The Idol worshipping Turkish goverment has prevented the web sites opening from within its own borders. The Turkish governments recent pressures toward the Muslim have been felt. Whether the capture of our brothers, or the arrest of Turkish citizens and lastly, the restriction of our press freedom by the Turkish government has manifested their hostility towards Muslims".

The statement, "the oppression towards Muslims", also said, "Up to now we have not touched Turkey, and if they continue to restrict the freedom of Muslims who are of no harm to anyone and if they continue these restrictions, then they should keep in mind that there will be a necessary reaction".

It also said that, "If Turkey persists with its oppression then Turkey and ISIL will not be on the same page, and Turkey will face a different ISIL".


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